Here’s a List of the Best Pizza Spots in East New York

There is nothing like a Brooklyn slice of pizza, and Brownsville and the East New York areas of Brooklyn have some incredible pies to offer. Here are five of the best-reviewed places to get a slice in the area, via Yelp:

1. Steve and Mike Pizzeria, 603 Sutter Ave.

Review: “I have been going here since I could remember as a child. I am currently 21. I’ve had different types of pizza, different styles, and to this day Steve still reigns as champ to me. The pizza has changed slightly since Steve handed the business over to his son, but it’s still top of the line. The reason? It’s all in the sauce.”

Credit: Kimoralee K

2. Angela’s Pizzeria, 3435 Fulton St.

Yelp review: “I live down the block from this place for over 9 years now and never tried their pizza until the other day and thought to myself, this is the best damn pizza I’ve ever tasted. This is way better than dominos and Pizza Hut. My kids love their pizza, and we all know if a child says it’s good then it’s good. I recommend you try it, you won’t regret it. Plus it’s always a good idea to support local business.”

Credit: Steve G

3. Romeo’s Pizzeria, 134-24 Crossbay Blvd., Ozone Park

Yelp review: “Gigantic delicious slices that are absolutely mouth watering! My favorite is the grandma, chicken and tomato, and buffalo slice. You gotta eat the slice when it’s still hott because as soon as it gets cold it’s never as good anymore. I learned that from days when I would buy my pizza and trek it all the way home.”

4. Sal & Paul’s Pizzeria, 1686 Pitkin Ave., Brownsville

Yelp review: “Ive come here a couple times just to grab a slice or two. Its good pizza, a little on the soft and fluffy side for me but thats a preference thing. The ingredients seem good with plenty of cheese and a tasty sauce. Plus they get brownie points for having parmesan.”

Credit: Carlos O.

5. Caterina Pizza, 3035 Fulton St., Highland Park

Yelp review: “As I have previously mentioned, I grew up eating Caterina. Their pizza was always amazing, however, I wasn’t very pleased because it didn’t taste the same to me. I have recently started ordering from them again and have been very happy with the food. The pizza has been consistently good, as I remember from years ago. The chicken and shrimp parm have been absolutely delicious! Maybe it was a fluke a few years ago but I’m so happy to enjoy Caterina’s food again, as I did growing up! Thanks Vito!”


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