City Ponders Test Run Of Basement Apartments in East New York

There are many people living in illegal basement apartments throughout New York City, complete with bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Some people might argue that there’s no reason for some of these apartments to be deemed “illegal”.

As a way to create more affordable housing the city is looking at the idea of making it easier to legalize basement apartments.

The Citizens and Planning Council conducted a study that looks at the feasability of converting basements into legal apartments.

According to the NY Daily News, a task force is pondering a pilot program for basement apartment conversions, in East New York, which would need community support. Many residents in Queens have already expressed concerns with the safety of basement apartments.

If laws are put in place to allow for basement apartment conversions, in theory, the number of affordable apartments would increase and homeowners would be able to add another revenue stream, which might lower the foreclosure rate.

As we find out more,  we will be sure to share the information.

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