Spring Creek Townhome Applications Available Thru April 3

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Phase 4A single family and two-family townhomes at Nehemiah Spring Creek are awarded through a lottery and interview process. All individuals or families who meet the income and household requirements as established for Phase 4A are encouraged to apply.  Applications for Nehemiah Spring Creek Phase 4A townhomes must be submitted no later than April 3, 2018. Late applications cannot be considered.

Description from the Nehemiah Spring Creek website:

Affordable housing should never mean less than high-quality appliances, finishes or first-class construction.  In Phase 4A of Nehemiah Spring Creek, that is exactly what you will find in your new 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhome. Additionally, each will offer over 1,600+ square feet of comfortable, luxury-style living, off-street space for your car and a backyard.

56 single family homes will be available for homeowners to purchase.  There will be 15 homes for households with income up to 90 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) and 41 homes for households with income up to 110 percent of AMI. View single family floorplan here.

27 two-family homes will be available to families with up to 130 percent AMI. These will include two attached units. The primary unit will be a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit of approximately 1,600 square feet, which will occupy the second and third levels of the townhome. The secondary unit, which the new homeowner can rent out, will be a unit  of approximately 800 square feet on the ground level of the townhome. View two-family floorplan here.

Every Nehemiah Spring Creek townhome offers these amenities:

  • Premium grade vinyl plank flooring and carpeting
  • Hotpoint gas stoves/oven combination
  • Formica countertops
  • Tile kitchen and bathroom flooring
  • Water saving low-flow kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Abundant closet space
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling

Each townhome comes with pre-installed hookups for homeowner-purchased refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer.

Prices range from $197,500 to $420,000 – Click here for the list of homes

EastNewYork.com is not affiliated with Nehemiah Spring Creek. If you are interested in purchasing one of the townhomes via their lottery system, please go to Nehemiah Spring Creek Application page, and follow the instructions.

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61 thoughts on “Spring Creek Townhome Applications Available Thru April 3

    1. Natasha Jean Reply

      I was trying to get section 8 but I don’t know where to get the application for section 8 because me and my fiancee trying to get an apartment badly so please help us

    1. Mary Reply

      These are town homes for sale not rentals. These are located right by gateway mall in East New York. If you read above it tells you the income you must make to qualify to apply, which means they are not affordable low income units. You have to qualify to get approved for a mortgage.

      1. Dee Thomas Reply

        They also have section 8 Homes miss , working section 8 so stop with this isn’t rental its homes to buy , u can get a home with section 8 so u know

      1. Lorraine Reid Reply

        I already applied twice for this Nehemiah housing application since 2012 for the phase 3 and didn’t get any reply I also apply for the phase 4 also no reply

  1. Cliffhanger Reply

    This information on the website is to BUY a house, not RENT. The government will not take section 8 in lieu of a mortgage. These homes are you be purchased, not rented. Read the application process carefully. You will have to be working for at least two years (consecutive income) to show your taxes and paystubs. You will have to APPROVED for a mortgage. Sorry but these homes do not accept applicants who are looking for section 8 housing. Go to NYC housing connect for rentals.

    1. Dee Thomas Reply

      Stop lying an discouraging ppl from applying , the Government as u put it DOES give mortgage n monthly payments for a home through Section 8 , Section 8 ISN’T ONLY for apts , get ur info straight n just say the truth yall discriminate against low income ppl they also deserve a chance to own a home n they do have Section 8 n section 8 working ppl , stop being such a hater of low income ppl, its ppl like u Y there is so much homelessness.

  2. Kim Watson Reply

    Based on my income and family size (1), I would qualify for the single-family home withing the annual salary range of (76,000-86,000). It says the income limits plus the down payment. What exactly does this mean? Also what would be a ball park figure for a down payment for the home I would qualify for?

  3. Laura McKenna Reply

    If you plan to apply to BUY a Nehemiah townhome or other property and want homebuyer education to get a better mortgage or help improving your credit, NHS Brooklyn, a HUD-certified nonprofit, can assist you. If you need help RENTING an apartment and have a voucher, NHS Brooklyn has Tenant Support counselors. Visit our website at http://www.nhsbrooklyn.org for more info. Click Contact Us at the top of the page to let us know which service you need.

  4. Julia Locario Reply

    Ive been on the list for a Nehemiah Home since 2014, I received a list number, was told in the letter not to contact them, they will contact you . I ve never heard anything since then. This was phase 2b I believe.J

  5. Ahsaki Gaye Reply

    What about a son taking of his mom who has mild dementia n on Section 8? What about our elderly? Please help my family. I wish I had the money to move them into a better neighborhood. It’s alot of shooting in the area. Safety is priority at this point. Is there anything u guys can do? I’m sure there is.

    1. eastnewyorknews Post author Reply

      If we receive information about Section 8 housing opportunities we will post it on the site. However, there is a program called CDPAP that can pay adult children to take care of parents at home. The pay might be able to help your situation. Contact Tradition Home Care at 1-877-705-6015. Tell them that you were referred by New York for Seniors. They pay per hour, bi-weekly. Just call to see if your mom qualifies for this program.

  6. Rayne Storm Reply

    Reading is fundamental! Why are people leaving aommamy comments about apartment rentals when clearly it’s an article about home BUYING?! I wish it would stop.

    1. Dee Thomas Reply

      Than STOP reading these articles cuz even though it MIGHT b about buying homes but the same development also HAS apartments for rent don’t b so asinine

  7. Keesh Reply

    Why the Hell yall people can’t read or comprehend?
    These properties are for purchase ONLY! Stop asking bout got dam Section 8, all who receives it have it easy already..

    My question is, how would I know if my application was received?

  8. A isaac Reply

    One Baptist church which is a member of the East New York Churches who help with this program has been telling their congregation that applicants who pay $1000 will get a favorable lottery position. If this is by lottery don’t know how they can pull this off without insider help. The process is supposed to weed out unqualified people before they put number in the draw. At the info session in early Spring people were informed that a) The must have had a good job for a certain time period b) that the deposit will be 5% of the cost of the house ($10,000 to $20,000), c) the deposit had to be in the bank from the closing date of the application due date till purchase, d) that the money has to be traceable to establish it is legally gained/earned, e) that Credit scores have to be 600 and up, f) that the closing costs will be about 75% of the deposit plus a few other things which would ensure a stable and prosperous community.
    If the $1000 bribe is allowed to corrupt the process all this goes down the drain.. I know of one person who applied on day one and got a number 2000 behind some one he told of the program who applied 2 weeks later does that make sense. It wont matter if it is truly a lottery unless……

  9. S. Watson Reply

    Good morning, Has all the houses been filled? I applied back in April and have not heard anything. Was just wondering if there was still and opportunity available or is it closed?


  10. Amanda Celestine Reply

    When will applications for the new houses that are being built be available in 2019. I am interested in applying.

  11. Michelle Mcmillan Reply

    Gm. I filled out an application for purchasing one of these homes before the last deadline. I have not heard anything. This was 2018. Please let me know what is going on.

  12. marie m latendresse Reply

    hi, can you tell me what’s going on please? we went to the interview in july 2018 , since then never heard from them….. at least they can email people to tell what next…. we gave all our documents at the interview day… should we wait or look for something else? I don’t know what to do …..we. getting confuse now…… wow. how disrespectful!! we need an update please. I will be glad to hear from you. thanks!

    1. eastnewyorknews Post author Reply

      We only post the information on this website. EastNewYork.com is not a part of any affordable housing organization. Check your paperwork and find the contact information for the program that conducted the interview that you are talking about.

  13. Dee Thomas Reply

    Than STOP reading these articles cuz even though it MIGHT b about buying homes but the same development also HAS apartments for rent don’t b so asinine

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