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Apts Available in New Development on Atlantic Ave. in East New York

2767 Atlantic Avenue is perfectly located in the Cypress Hills section of East New York, nestled in Brooklyn between Bushwick and Queens....

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Shifting Tides in Dining: Outback Steakhouse Closes at Gateway Mall, Red Lobster May Follow

In a significant shift for the dining landscape of East New York, Brooklyn, Outback Steakhouse has officially closed its doors at Gateway...

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Reflecting on Tragedy and Remembrance: Kota the Friend’s Tribute to Kalief Browder

June 6th marks a somber anniversary—the tragic suicide of Kalief Browder, a young man whose experience highlighted systemic failures...

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Health Festival Focused on Black Men’s Health This June 8

By: Christopher Edwards For the third year, Brooklyn nonprofit Heart, Body & Soul will host the Black Man’s Health Festival...

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From Brooklyn to Ghana- Brownsville Teens Set For 10-Day Trip

By: Brianna Robles Picture this: You’re in high school and you’re afforded the opportunity to travel across the world alongside some of...

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Embracing Movement: The Importance of Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Spring and Summer

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, the spring and summer months offer the perfect opportunity for seniors to boost their...

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Groundswell Transforms NYC with Meaningful Street Art Murals

By: Katey St. John Walking along the streets of Brooklyn, each building has a unique story blooming inside. Many times, however, these...

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KOTA the Friend Drops Memorial Day Music Video for His Song Titled ‘Vietnam’

On Memorial Day, Brooklyn’s own hip hop artist and producer Kota the Friend released the official music video for his song...

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Renewable Energy Pioneer Awarded to Brooklyn SolarWorks CEO

T.R. Ludwig, chief executive officer of Brooklyn SolarWorks, was recognized in April for his contributions to the state’s transition to...

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Preparing for DanceAfrica: Spirit Walkers Embrace a Vibrant Cultural Celebration

By: C. Zawadi Morris Every year for the past 47 years, the Brooklyn Academy of Music has been host to DanceAfrica, the largest African...

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