72-Units Multi-Story Residential Housing Project Filed at 402 Snediker Ave

Brooklyn-based NGO, Community Counseling & Mediation (CCM) recently filed applications for a multi-story,72-unit residential apartment property at 402 Snediker Avenue, situated at Snediker Ave in East New York.

CCM declared during the commissioning of the project early 2016 that the occupants of the property named Beverly’s Place, will be given access to “a variety of curative and other health services” within the building.

The property will span across 72,424sq ft, while personal apartments should occupy around 646 sq ft each.

Filed paperwork indicate the project would span across 72,424 sq ft, while individual units should average around 646 sq ft each. Architects from NoHo, Oaklander, Coogan & Vitto Architects will be overseeing this project. The 19,771 sq ft property only has a warehouse building on-site. Permits for demolition is yet to be filed.

Applications for this building is not available at this time.  Please check back to the site regularly for updates on applications for this building, as well as others.


32 thoughts on “72-Units Multi-Story Residential Housing Project Filed at 402 Snediker Ave

  1. Kiney Corbett Reply

    Well Well Well its going down! Its bittersweet as long as we are able to maintain the beautiful culture and integrity of our neighborhood I welcome it.

  2. Cathleen Freemantle Reply

    This is good for the community only if we are giving at least 50% of the units instead of 10% also I believe those who are in the shelter for more than 1yr or longer should get first priority. There are family who are still living in shelters for more than 2yrs waiting on affordable housing..

      1. Simone Reply

        There was a very bad accident not far from this building last evening. The person who hit the car fled. However, I see there are security cameras on the building and upon further research, I’ve come to learn that the building is no longer occupied by the original owners and was led here. I’m wondering if I can contact someone regarding the buildings security cameras and if they work so that it can hopefully help figure out who hit my friend.

        Thank you.

  3. I currently live in the neighborhood and would like to stay here. Please keep me posted on th availability of the applications. Thank you. Reply

    I am very interested in getting an apartment in that development. I currently live in the area now. Please let me know when the applications become available, Thank you.

  4. Marie Irick Reply

    Interested in any applications in the E.N.Y section. Retired after 30 years, for the City with my last job.. Also available for volunteer work. A.S.A.P
    .Thanking you in advance.

  5. Nancy Reyes Reply

    Plz let me know when you giving Application ty it’s looks great for East New York safe for the kids so plz let me know ty

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