Video of NYPD Officers from 75th Pct in East New York Making Violent Arrests While Violating Pandemic Rules Themselves

Officer without a mask punching a bystander (screenshot from video)

by Simone Bryant

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Last week NYPD officers from East New York’s 75th Precinct made violent arrests,while many of the officers, including the Deputy Inspector were not wearing masks, putting the public and other officers at risk. It is unimaginable that these officers are arresting residents in East New York and other similar areas throughout New York City for “Social Distancing” issues, while they are not adhering to the basic rule of wearing a mask.

See the video below, and the image of NYPD officers in another neighborhood, to see the disparity in how the NYPD interacts with residents of East New York vs how they interact with residents who hangout in Central Park, clearly violating every rule that has been put in place by Mayor De Blasio. The question one must ask is how is the enforcement of these rules so different for residents of New York City in one neighborhood vs another neighborhood.

If it has not been clear to New Yorkers before, it should definitely be clear now, the NYPD “police” every resident in East New York, Brownsville and other similar neighborhoods, while they “protect” people in Park Slope, Upper East Side and other areas in New York City. This practice has to stop. All New Yorkers need to feel “protected”, not “policed”. Officers who violate these policies should be removed the force and hit with a large personal financial fine for civil rights violations. Taking money from their personal pockets will be the only thing that will deter this type of behavior. The PBA (Police Union) should also incur millions in fines for every incident.

Nikki Lucas will be discussing these issues live on the VOICES of East New York Video Series, Sunday May 10 at 9am. Kim Council, candidate for City Council in Bushwick and East New York will be a guest on this week’s show.  Watch the show, ask questions and comment live about this issue as well as other issues that impact East New Yorkers. The show airs live on the East New York News Facebook page as well as on

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6 thoughts on “Video of NYPD Officers from 75th Pct in East New York Making Violent Arrests While Violating Pandemic Rules Themselves

  1. Aaron Wright Reply

    The officers became upset when the group in ENY didn’t comply and decided to use force. The problem is that the officers in Central Park didn’t bother to ask for compliance from the group on the lawn, so the situation didn’t have a chance to escalate. The officers in the 75th precinct may be under some sort of quota, or maybe they’re just looking for an excuse to beat on somebody. Yes, the PBA and the officers need to be sued, but the politicians that condone this sort of behavior also need to be removed.

    1. Born Delvalle Reply

      I’m from EAST NEW YORK the 75 has always been rough towards the civilizations of East New York even b4 I was even born and I’m 50 yrs old so just imagine that they so evil towards us and corrupt just look at the Documentary THE 75 it speaks volumes

  2. Cee Azucar Reply

    There was time when LAPD recruited race soldiers from racist hotbeds throughout the south and we see how that worked.
    NYPD has “overseers” who come from everywhere except the 5 boros where racial animus is pervasive and I recall someone in the police hierarchy comparing themselves to occupying army in certain communities. How often to you see gangs of cops in groups of 5 or more looking for someone to mess with. I recall cops stopping a young brother harassing him when clearly the police radio described a person who did not the description and asked about the stop the cracker cop became menacing until the questioner identified himself as a member of the clergy at SPCBC a church noted for community advocacy at the time.

  3. This is crazy Reply

    How do you tell the group to get on the sidewalk and then you follow them on the sidewalk????

    How do you tell them to backup but every time you ask them to back up you take one step closer to them????

  4. Keisha Wickham-Cupid Reply

    Are they going to give these School Safety Officers more money for putting them at risk?? This will be alot different than working with Children!! I wish them the best!!

  5. Keechi Reply

    The whole point of policing is to get Compliance period. You have to know hiw to speak to people you can’t think because you have a gun and badge you now become a bully , you still have to show respect especially when you yourself wants respect . Now you want people to wear a mask but you yourself don’t have on a mask come on now, so now u feel u going to put your hands on a grown man because what you carry a gun. ..start civil suing them police going after their pension bet they stop then

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