The Power of Local Guaranteed Media Placement in Today’s World of PR

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In today’s world of digital media, your company, organization or candidate messaging can get lost or not reach your exact target audience if you do not understand the landscape of today’s PR.

Guaranteed media placement and public relations (PR) are related but distinct concepts in the realm of communication and marketing. Let’s take a look at both.

  1. Guaranteed Media Placement: Guaranteed media placement is exactly what it sounds like.  Your messaging is guaranteed to be published or placed on the digital media platforms that are most likely to reach your target audience. There is no guessing or hoping that your messaging or content will be published.  It is guaranteed. This is typically paid placements in media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, websites, television, or radio. The most impactful form of guaranteed media placement are sponsored articles. In this model, the placement is secured through payment, ensuring that the content will appear in the desired media outlet within a specified timeframe and with specific targeting criteria.
  2. Public Relations (PR): Public relations, on the other hand, encompasses a broader range of activities aimed at managing the relationship between an organization and its various publics, including customers, investors, employees, communities, and the media. PR involves strategies and tactics to generate positive publicity and manage the reputation of the organization. This can include media relations, crisis communications, event planning, influencer relations, social media management, and more. Unlike guaranteed media placement, PR efforts often involve earned media, where the coverage is obtained through relationships with journalists, compelling storytelling, strategic pitching, and other non-monetary means. The downside of traditional PR in today’s world is that your content has a slim chance of being picked up by media outlets that are important to you for messaging to your core audience. If you are trying to reach the NYC market but your press release is picked up and published by a media outlet in New Jersey, then you missed the mark entirely.

Vernon Jones, CEO of JIG Media, which owns NYC Newswire, stated, “When we work with clients we suggest using both options, but with  Guaranteed Media Placement, you are taking the guess work out of the equation. You pay for the media placement on the digital platforms where your target market lives. For example, on our NYC Newswire platform your content is guaranteed to be on one or more of our websites and associated social media channels, which includes,,,, (NYC Sports Network),, and others. This is a proven concept that has catapulted some of our clients ahead of their competitors, whether they are political candidates, local restaurants, health plans, sports or whatever. However, not all of our content is paid content. The majority is earned content, but there’s so much content out there it is almost impossible to know if your press release will be picked up by a media outlet.  When you are serious about promoting your product, service, event or candidate and you wan to remove the guess work then guaranteed media placement is the way to go. ”

While guaranteed media placement involves a direct financial transaction for immediate content placement, PR focuses on building relationships, creating compelling narratives, and strategically positioning the organization or individual to garner media coverage and public attention organically, through a longer process that can take months. Both approaches can be valuable components of a comprehensive communication strategy, depending on the goals, budget, and target audience of the organization or individual.

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