Simple Tips on Getting A NYC Affordable Lottery Apartment

In East New York there is a massive brand new affordable housing development accepting applications for 199 affordable apartments through the New York City Affordable Housing program, NYC Housing Connect. Although tens of thousands of people have applied for this development and other affordable housing developments, very few are called and accepted.

There are many reasons why people are not called or accepted, but one of the reasons is outdated or incomplete applications. Keeping your application updated is very easy, yet very important.

The Application Process

If you have not Registered for the NYC Affordable Housing List you can Register at this link.  Be sure to complete the application completely .Once you are Registered you can then Apply for the various affordable housing developments. Remember, you have to Apply for each development that you are interested in.

Updating Your Application and Information

If you move, change phone numbers, transfer jobs or there is a change in your salary, or any other change that might affect your application, you should go back into your account and make the updates. Keeping your contact information and employment information are very important to keep your application up to date, giving you a much better chance of being called for an apartment.

Here is the link to Apply for an Apartment in the multiple Affordable Developments listed on the NYC Housing Connect website.

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8 thoughts on “Simple Tips on Getting A NYC Affordable Lottery Apartment

  1. Nell Reply

    THE REAL TIP is be broke. This affordable housing crap is BS. Its for those that make no money. NYC is only for the poor and rich. If you fall in between; youre shit out of luck.

    1. Crissy Gonzalez Reply

      I absolutely agree with you. I was called three times, but either I made too much or I made to little. Nothing in between…

    2. Andrea Reply

      You are so right about that!!! I fall in between. I’ve put in over 3 dozen applications since 2016 and haven’t been called yet. And the log #’s are so high, there is no way in hell they’re going through that many applications. You just can’t win for losing!

  2. Marilyn Miller Reply

    That is not true Nell… I applied numerous times for affordable housing and have hit about 20x. I now have a beautiful apartment with doorman, gym, parking, roof top access, community room and laundry room. Don’t listen to fake information. Apply and during the process update your information if something changes. Apply to more than one, keep the faith and stop listening to negative people. Good luck!

    1. Kurt Ali Reply

      I applied four times in 2018 for numerous houses and was called for all of them in 2019 and 2020. Keep trying, my log # was in the 1800’s on the house I decide to go with. If there are red flags (inconsistencies) with your application, they will pass on you and go the next quickly. Also, a piece of advise is using an e-mail that sends notifications on your phone so you can check regularly.

  3. Milagros Aponte Reply

    I have applied for over 18 Apt all I get is a lot number and once a year write to stay
    On the waiting list I am 62 be 63 on December I am in need of a apt soon can
    Somebody please tell me where do I go for help what do I got to do I live in a basement new owner wants I out HELP IF YOU CAN

  4. Barbara Oliver Reply

    Won a lottery got called to see a two bedroom. When we arrived it was a one bedroom. With a wall and a door for the second bedroom. No closet and a shared balcony. No living room.I would have to put my computer chair in the bathroom. The whole apt had 2 windows.

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