Residents at Starrett City Suffer a Blackout During Coronavirus Pandemic

Starrett City, now known as Spring Creek Towers, has new owners but they still seem to have the same problems of old. Over the past few years Starrett City has suffered power outages at the most inopportune times, particularly during the hot summer months. This time it was during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday night Spring Creek Towers suffered a power outage in 29 of their buildings just a little before 8pm. The blackout caused elevators to stop running and electricity to go out in the residential buildings.

The development, which was sold to Brooksville Company in 2018, has its own power plant which provides electricity to  its 46 building complex. Con Edison is not responsible for outages in the complex.

Nikki Lucas, a Community Organizer in East New York, and a resident of Spring Creek Towers, stated “my power went out at approximately 8pm and was out for 2 hours. I tried calling security and maintenance but couldn’t get through. I’m getting in touch with ownership to find out if they have a plan in place to prevent these outages during the summer months and during this Coronavirus pandemic. If the power is going out now it’s scary to think about what will happen in the summer. Lives are at stake”.

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