East New York NYCHA Seniors To Receive Free Tablets To Stay Connected to Family

High angle view of a senior African American woman relaxing on a sofa while using digital tablet in living room at home

Mayor De Blasio announced that 10,000 seniors living in NYCHA developments will be receiving tablets through a partnership with T-Mobile. The idea is to provide devices that will allow seniors to stay connected to their families. The tablets will be internet-enabled.

The obvious problem with this initiative will be training seniors on how to use the tablets. The city believes that the tablet instructions and a telephone hotline will help the seniors set up the devices and troubleshoot problems.

“One of the most painful realities of this crisis … has been grandparents who can’t see their grandchildren or their children. Seniors who used to get visits of one kind or another, which kept their spirits up and got them the help they needed,” de Blasio said. “A lot of them are particularly isolated right now. We want to make it a little bit easier and one of the ways, of course, is through technology.”

The program was created to benefit the most isolated seniors in Mott Haven, Brownsville, East New York, Red Hook, Bushwick and Coney Island.

No specifics were discussed in terms of when or how the seniors will be selected or how the devices will be delivered.

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8 thoughts on “East New York NYCHA Seniors To Receive Free Tablets To Stay Connected to Family

  1. Cheryl Ebron Reply

    What about seniors in Carnarsie bayview houses of brooklyn NYCHA
    Will they be able to apply for tablets as well?

  2. Josefina ducasse Reply

    I’m 68 and live in Amsterdam houses and wanted to know how would I be able to get a tablet to keep in touch with my loves ones

    1. William Perez Reply

      Am 64 and disabled. I live in NYCH ,but till now no one has told me about how to recive a tablet so I can see my grand kids. Phone is hard to see text. So were does one appy. Thank you and God Bless

  3. VivianL Reply

    I’ve seen this everywhere but no one tells you how/where to apply? Please share if you have any info on how NYCHA senior residents may apply. for a tablet. Thank you.

    1. mmeastnewyorknews Post author Reply

      Call 311. Explain to them that you are calling about the free tablets for seniors in NYCHA. They should be able to give you assistance on this program. Please leave a message here to let us know what happens.

  4. Lashon Roberts Reply

    My mom lives in NYCHA. How can she apply for the free tablet. Due to her being on oxygen our family try not to go to visit due to corona virus.

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