‘Real People of East New York’ Highlighting Local Community Members Every Week

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You can suggest community members to be featured on ‘Real PEOPLE of East New York’. East New York News tries to add new features regularly to promote East New York in a positive light and this new section does just that.

The power of the media is real and for too many years you were only able to find the bad about East New York. Since the inception of EastNewYork.com we set out to provide information and resources to the community, and with this new section we are really going to highlight positive stories about the real people who make up the fabric of the community. East New York is made up of working families and professionals,  which include teachers, principals, small business owners, attorneys, athletes, artists, union members, real estate brokers and the list goes on.

If you know someone who lives or works in East New York who you believe should be highlighted, Submit Your Suggestion here. Checkout the community members who have been featured in Real PEOPLE of East New York.


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3 thoughts on “‘Real People of East New York’ Highlighting Local Community Members Every Week

  1. Valeria Sowell Reply

    The Cleveland Street Block Association, between Sutter and Blake Avenues, was thrilled to celebrate Ms. Marie Jones, 100th Birthday on Saturday February 20, 2021. We are forever grateful to the 75th Precinct, Community Affairs division, Det. Marcus Johnson(MJ), who organized a caravan of police vehicles and staff to welcome and show appreciation of love and life lived, with car horns blowing and other cars beeping, while the police car speakers, played Steven Wonder’s song, ‘Happy Birthday.’ Although temperatures were in the low forties, the love in the air was filled with laughter and cheer. We want to especially thank 75th President, Mr. Alberto Ramos, Treasurer, Ms. Helen Deluwski, Secretary, Ms. Cynthia Reed, Sgt at Arms, Mr. Charles Peters. PO Gomez, PO Luperon and PO Little, for helping us start GOOD trouble in the street, in memory of Congressman John Lewis. We ended the celebration with dancing and singing to the song, ‘…celebration time, c’mon, there’s a party right here, let’s celebrate….’. Since our block lost, Ms. Dee Bacon Finch January 4, 2021, who was a pillar of direction and strength to our block, this very happy occasion couldn’t have come at a better time. A special thank you to our block captains: Ms. Kathy Morrison-Treasurer, Ms. Linda Douglaus-Asst-Treasurer, Ms. Jean Richards-Asst-Treasurer and our four block (MEN) officers who are waiting to step into their unique Presidential roles after the pandemic. Love to all in Health, Happiness, Safety and Resilience. Written by: Valeria Sowell-Block Public Advocate

    1. Valeria Sowell Reply

      The Cleveland Street Block Association ask for a special SPACE to acknowledge Ms. Alice Kennerly.

      A very special and extra thank you to Ms. Alice Kennerly who remains a member of The Cleveland Street Block Association but now resides in Pennsylvania, and initiated the police involvement on making Good Trouble for her family friend, the 100 year old, Ms. Marie Jones. And, Ms. Kennerly, for your love and mastery, we truly thank you and love our 75th Precinct Police Officers.

  2. Valeria Sowell Reply


    I can’t believe it’s already a week that The Cleveland Street Block Association celebrated Ms. Marie Jones 100th birthday. Our blocks’ very own walking legion. What does that make her? (a) quinquagenarian. (b) sexagenarian
    (c) septuagenarian. (d) octogenarian. (e) nonagenarian or (f) CENTAGENARIAN

    (a) 50 yrs old (b) 60 yrs old. (c) 70 yrs old. (d) 80 yrs old. (e) 90 yrs old and (f) 100 yrs old

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