‘Real People of East New York’ Highlighting Local Community Members Every Week

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East New York News announced the launch of a new section on the EastNewYork.com digital platform titled, ‘Real PEOPLE of East New York’.

“We try to add new features to promote East New York in a positive light and this new section, ‘Real PEOPLE of East New York’ does just that”, stated Vernon Jones, Sr., CEO of JIG Media, which owns East New York News.

Jones added, “the power of the media is real and for too many years you were only able to find the bad about East New York. Since the inception of EastNewYork.com we set out to provide information and resources to the community, and with this new section we are really going to highlight positive stories about the people who make up the real fabric of the community. East New York is made up of working families and professionals,  which include teachers, principals, business owners, attorneys, athletes, artists, union members, real estate brokers and the list goes on.

Real PEOPLE of East New York will start out as weekly written features and will merge with VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas, to create livestream one on one interviews with East New York community members.

“I’m excited about this new feature. We get a chance to highlight real people who don’t get the recognition they deserve. Besides, this will show people outside of East New York that there’s a lot of positive here. We know it and now we will get others to know it”, stated Nikki Lucas, 2021 City Council Candidate for East New York.

Writer, Dominique Carson, stated, “I think it’s a wonderful idea to create a media outlet that will highlight the positivity and the resurrection of East New York. The neighborhood has changed tremendously but we have a lot more to do, day by day. There are so many talented people from East New York but they do not receive the recognition for their hard work. As a result, East New York News would be the ideal outlet to showcase remarkable people from the neighborhood.”

Dominique Carson will be one of the first community members of East New York to be featured on ‘Real People of East New York’.

If you know someone who lives or works in East New York who you believe should be highlighted, Submit Your Suggestion here.

The first ‘Real People of East New York’ feature will launch Tuesday December 15, 2020.

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