Power to The People? How Charles and Inez Barron’s Seat Switching is a Dangerous Game That’s Hurting East New York

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by Chanell Turner

One of the most fundamental and foundational aspects of state and local government is democracy and the “changing of the political guard.” Additionally, local government is typically the place where changemakers start their journey up the political ladder—and hopefully help bring new ideas and policies to benefit the immediate community.

Unfortunately, this has not been the story for the people of East New York. Both Charles and Inez Barron have used seat switching to gain extended control of policies impacting the neighborhoods that make up the East New York community. And the pair seem prepared to continue this trend of legacy politics in the upcoming 2021 political season. Why is this a concern? Read on for their troubled history and the negative impact this could have on the community moving forward.

A 20-Year Lock Out

In 2001, the people of East New York elected former Black Panther member Charles Barron to the New York City Council. He served two full terms totaling eight years, and a term limit extension in 2009 saw him stay in the seat for an additional four years. Once he termed out of the role, Barron was then elected to the New York State Assembly. At the outset, this seems normal. Moving from one political position to the next is standard in politics, but the story doesn’t end there.

His wife, Inez Barron, was elected to the New York Assembly in 2008, and once she termed out, she ran for his former seat in City Council and won. Again, this might not seem like an abnormal event, as there are quite a few political husband and wife teams. Nevertheless, this strategy seems to take a more problematic turn as the duo seems to be planning to do the same thing for the upcoming political season. However, the more significant issue is that these two have not seemed to change the East New York community for the better in their collective 30-year history in politics.

A Trend of Divisiveness

Community leaders and politicians may not agree on everything, but the goal is to have the people’s best interests at heart. One of the best ways to do this is through unity. Unfortunately, throughout the years, Charles and Inez Barron have seemed to embrace an abrasiveness and divisiveness when it comes to supporting or joining together with other Black leaders. Recently, Charles Barron called Tish James, the first black person ever to be elected as New York’s Attorney General, a “puppet.”

Nikki Lucas, a candidate running for Inez Barron’s 42nd City Council District seat, interpreted this swipe as an “insult to all black women.” This doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident, as Charles has been cited as disrespecting former President Barack Obama and Congressmen Hakeem Jeffries. While there is nothing wrong with not seeing eye-to-eye and even offering a different viewpoint, these events reveal an unwillingness of Charles Barron to unite with other influential Black politicians to help construct and pass legislation to support the people of East New York.

Preparing East New York for Gentrification?

It’s hard to live in any lower-income neighborhood that is adjacent to or within a major city without being faced with the prospect of gentrification. According to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, New York had one of the highest rates of gentrification and displaced black Americans between 2000 and 2013. Higher rents and property taxes—the hallmarks of gentrification—continue to price many Black and Latino people out of their neighborhoods.

In February of last year, it was revealed that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) housing in the East New York City area was sold to private developers for $1.5 billion. Charles and Inez Barron were suspected to have known about this development and failed to inform their constituents before the deal moved forward. This move could send apartment rents and property taxes to levels challenging for current residents to pay. In a bid to cover their bases, the Barrons chose to hold an emergency town hall after the deal was in its final stages (and an Op-Ed criticizing their approach to the issue emerged). Additionally, much of the housing has been mismanaged and received poor maintenance.

It seems that this husband and wife team has dropped the ball in protecting their current residents from facing the detrimental effects of gentrification.

A Dangerous Political Game

While both seem to have a community activism background, the Barron’s actions have not promoted community progress, transparency, technology, arts or business ownership. East New York remains number one in New York City when it comes to homelessness, unemplyoyment and 40% of East New Yorkers are paying 50% of their salary to rent, which is unsustainable for any family.

In three of the most pivotal ways: questionable political tactics, promoting black political unity, and avoiding black and Latino housing displacement, the Barrons have not developed significant or positive changes. They have even failed to cultivate and put forth new Black political talent to take on positions they have held for the past 20 years.

It’s time for some new political ideas, ideals, and identities, and an end to the seat switching tactics of Charles and Inez Barron. The Barron’s seem to be stuck in the old days and unfortunately East New York has been stuck with them. No matter how they try to spin it the community loses.

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16 thoughts on “Power to The People? How Charles and Inez Barron’s Seat Switching is a Dangerous Game That’s Hurting East New York

  1. East NY Resident (20+ years) Reply

    How do we get them out? I’m willing to do a grassroots push from the ground floor. I’ll get behind almost anyone – it’s been the same story for too long, time for an change.

    1. Kamal Smith Reply

      Nikki Lucas is running. I’ve been watching her show each week on Facebook. She would be very good as the Council person for East New York. Checkout her show Voices of East New York every Sunday morning. facebook.com/eastnewyorknews

      Her campaign website is electnikkilucas.com. The Barrons are keeping us in the 60’s. They have to go.

        1. Kamal Smith Reply

          No. I don’t know her personally but I like what I see from her. I know the Barrons need to retire. If Charles Baron is really trying to leave the assembly and go back to city council then he is pimping the system and that is crazy. I will never check the name Barron on a voting form again. that I can guarantee.

  2. Shavell Mazyck Reply

    I too am not happy with the Barron’s, they literally dropped the ball on all of us in East New York!
    After the NYCHA incident I’ve practically lost all hope for us East Nyorkers!!!

  3. jasper clarke Reply

    this is sad to hear. When we find out its usually too late. Our family moved to ENY in 1980. I grew up got married moved to flatbush and moved back in 2006 where we purchased our home. We have to identify who really cares for the ENY community, We have to go to the business owners and community leaders, and put together a game plan for our future. i’m willing to do my part i have kids here. I personally have been in ENY from 1980 -1997 and from 2006 to present

    1. Joeann Reply

      I am with you, lets do this! I am tired walking down the street in the middle of the day and having to look over my shoulders with apprehension that I do not become a victim of a crime in the middle of the day. I live in the community for years and realized last year how unsafe the neighborhood is, very sad.

  4. Donna Keith Reply

    They really don’t do nothing for East New York.Look at Cal our neighborhood is changing soon will be priced out buildings are going up all around us and even a condo going up you asked me they only all politicians that lie and don’t help the poor

  5. Congo Bongo Rasta Reply

    Chris Banks is actively growing the seeds of tomorrow in East New York. Despite this ASPCA on Bradford & Newlots I don’t see how this benefits the community. They developed this site and took away jobs plus affordable food to put this up and Charles Barron knew it. I can’t lie Gershwin’s Park & Gateway is the best thing that happened to ENY but we need better opportunities. Violence is crazy.

  6. Linda Ford Reply

    I am a homeowner that have been in a block that construction of putting in new storm drains have effected the sewer lines and is causing flooded basements and structural damages to the whole house painting and mirrors popping off walls , closed streets and sidewalks,not able to park or walk down the block
    Delayed sanitation pickups,no street cleanings .This is under going since March 2019, the dirt noise,traffic,odors,bugs coming from the drains,sinks,bathtubs,2 construction companies working at the same time 5:;30 am even on Saturday

  7. White Rebecca Reply

    Nikki Lucas will be great for this seat. Nikki Lucas is out there making sure that the people who were forgotten about are remembered. Those of us who are struggling trying to keep a roof over our heads while trying to keep a meal on our tables, Nikki Lucas keep the resources on the front line. Nikki Lucas runs for all ages from the babies to the seniors. I have watched her closely and feel “ THE RIGHT MAN FOR THIS JOB IS A WOMAN” . Nikki Lucas is that woman.

  8. Russ Reply

    I totally agree with all the complaints. The Barrons are known as Mr. And Mrs. Invisible they’ve done nothing for the community and the proof is in the stagnation. Under Livonia Avenue and various locations in East New York has become a dumping ground along with prostitution, violence and drug activity along with Alabama Ave. The community is in dire need of change and change begins with the removal of the Barron’s.

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