New York City Digital Media Platform Launching to Connect Caregivers Directly To Home Health Care Agencies

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JIG Media, the hyper-local digital marketing agency, located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, will be expanding its healthy living initiative in New York City through the launch of, as the digital media platform to empower New York City caregivers.

“We’ve been working closely with home care agencies, health plans, seniors and caregivers for the past four years, and we realized that there is a void in the marketplace for resource information dedicated to the caregiver”, stated Vernon Jones Sr., CEO of JIG Media. “If a person has an elderly parent or loved one who is in need of home care or rehabilitation after a surgery, the discharge department in the hospital would recommend a home care agency or rehabilitation facility. The problem is that the choice is not always the right one for the family. Family members should be knowledgeable of the home care and rehabilitation options that are available before a loved one goes in for a surgery or hospital stay. will do just that. The website will be loaded with resource information, features on home care agencies, videos, and a lot more.”

The website will include in depth and constant content on the following topics, specifically for the New York City market:

  • Choosing a home care agency.
  • Do I qualify for home care?
  • Does my health plan pay for the home care agency that I like?
  • Feature stories on home care agencies.
  • What’s the difference between a home aide and home attendant?
  • Lists of agencies that are Official Partners of New York for Seniors®

“We went on a tour at a home care facility recently and were very impressed with their concept and their training program”, stated Jones. “Caregivers should know that this particular agency exists, in the event that they might need home care for themselves or a loved one. When you become ill or are forced to go in for an emergency surgery you are not thinking about home care, so at that point you are at the mercy of the hospital discharge unit to refer you to a home care agency or rehabilitation center. Our goal is to create and distribute on-going information to seniors, adult children of seniors, and to the general population of New Yorkers, who might need home care one day. The power to choose home care and rehabilitation centers should be in the hands of the caregiver or patient. This digital media platform will empower caregivers with the ability to make informed choices.”

The website will also contain important information for home care workers and agencies, such as healthcare job fairs, training information, news about the industry.  Caregivers can subscribe to the new platform at

JIG Media also operates the New York for Seniors Health & Wellness Resource Series, which will expand to include home care workshops to keep seniors informed of their home health care options.

For more information or to partner with JIG Media on the NYC Home Health Care initiative you can call JIG Media at 718-285-9351.

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