Live Discussion On Holding Abusive NYPD Officers Accountable Through a Proposed Elected Civilian Review Board

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It is no secret that there are officers on the NYPD who are out to “police” entire communities, while “protecting” members of other communities. This practice is the reason for the existence of a Civilian Complaint Review Board, which by all accounts, has been useless in stopping abuses by officers of the NYPD.

There is a proposal being presented to New York City to do away with the CCRB and replace it with the ECRB (Elected Complaint Review Board).

According to an article in City and State the Campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board had testified for the need to completely do away with the CCRB, which is politically appointed, and replace it with an agency consisting of publicly elected members instead. The group even drafted changes to the city charter that would establish that elected board, which the commission did not utilize. 

There was recently an open discussion about this newly proposed Board and its effectiveness on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas.

Ana Santiago, the East New York Coordinator for the NYC Campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board, was a guest on the show to answer questions about the Elected Civilian Review Board and how it plans to hold rogue police officers accountable.

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