Flight Night Music Festival Announces New York City Artist Lineup With Kota the Friend Headlining at Sony Hall

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FLTBYS (Flight Boys) just announced the artist lineup for its Flight Night Music Festival (NYC) 2022, headlined by Kota the Friend. Flight Night, which started in 2008 in Brooklyn by Kota the Friend when he was a high school student at Brooklyn HS of Performing Arts. Flight Night started as an event where local Brooklyn artists were able to showcase their talents.

Kota the Friend has since turned Flight Night into a global music festival, with stops in LA, Chicago, NYC, Denver, Harrisburg PA, Paris, London, Australia, New Zealand, and Berlin. Flight Night still gives local artists a chance to shine, with artists from each location opening for Kota the Friend in their hometown. Flight Night (LA) sold out earlier in the year, with Flight Night Chicago on the verge of selling out its April 29 show at The Metro.

The Flight Night (NYC) lineup includes Lizzy Ashliegh, Ace Clark, Sha Summers, ISO Indies, Samuel Limata, Brianna Castro and Hello Oshay, who has been featured on some of Kota the Friend’s popular songs like Long Beach, Birdie and FOTO.



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