ENY Development News: New 6 Story Building With Charter School Coming to East New York on New Lots Avenue

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As development in East New York continues, it looks like another Charter School will be coming to the neighborhood in this new project.  The East New York community has been fighting against charter schools for years because it takes money away from the public schools that already exist and puts the money in the hands of private school operators. Charter schools are also based on a lottery, the same as affordable housing. It seems like every aspect of basic life is becoming a lottery situation, from housing to education and even employment. If you don’t win the lottery then you have to struggle to find a good school, affordable housing and a decent job. Only 1 percent of people win lotteries of any kind, leaving 99% to struggle and figure it out. This is not a sustainable model in any society.

According to YIMBY, permits have been filed for a six-story mixed-use building that will include a charter school,  commercial space and community facility space.  The address is 556 New Lots Avenue at the intersection of Van Siclen and New Lots Ave,

We will watch this particular development because this one has two lottery systems to watch out for, housing and education.

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3 thoughts on “ENY Development News: New 6 Story Building With Charter School Coming to East New York on New Lots Avenue

  1. Antonia Ferraro Reply

    Thank you for writing this. This is first time I have read a member of community write honestly about the impact of charter schools writ large. The hype about charters seems to always be coming from top down, not from the roots up.

  2. Sadie Sanders Reply

    We don’t need more charter school
    Housing is what’s needed, but when you apply through Housing connect you don’t even get a response from them,we know many families apply but who controls this lottery, people from the community who have lived and worked to keep the community thriving cannot
    Get into one of these development

  3. Akeem Jackson Reply

    Does anyone know if the woman’s shelter next door is still operating? And if so, have they thought about how it the impact it will have on a housing/ school building being directly next door. Also there are 2 Junior High Schools directly up the block. Adding another school will bring even more congestion to the area.

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