East New York Breaks Ground On 218 Unit Affordable Housing Development on Pennsylvania Ave

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This week in East New York ground was broken to prepare for a new 218 unit affordable housing development at 50 Pennsylvania Ave., between Atlantic Ave and Fulton St.  The property will be managed by RiseBoro Community Partners, a non-profit that operates senior centers throughout Brooklyn.

The development will bring affordable and moderate housing to East New York, along with retail space on the ground floor. The development is expected to bring a healthy food grocery store as well.

42 of the 218 units will be set aside for formerly homeless and elderly, of which RiseBoro will provide support services.  The development will also include on-site laundry facilities, a community room, fitness lounge and a landscaped terrace on the second floor.

The developers, Pennrose LLC, expect the project to be completed in July 2021.

photo Courtesy HPD

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6 thoughts on “East New York Breaks Ground On 218 Unit Affordable Housing Development on Pennsylvania Ave

  1. Cathy Salisbury-Kline Reply

    Will be moving from here at our apartment complex March 1, 2020 when our lease is up. Could you call me and explain how we can move there please? I’m 67, my hubby is 56?and still working. I have retired and have phys problems due to my arthritis. I can’t be climbing steps all the time like I have to here in our apartments.. Plus I have vertigo and I fall a lot. Do you have a 1st floor 2br/bath apartment?

  2. Jacqueline Battle Reply

    I am a senior with mobility problems trying to move please send me an application for this housing development
    rather tell me how to get one. Please.

  3. Joyce Scott-Brayboy Reply

    Contact Councilmember Inez Barron’s office this is in her district. Office is currently under renovation and the phone number is 718-649-9495. Please leave a clear message & contact number.

  4. Shawna Smith Reply

    I am looking for either a studio or a one bedroom apartment. I am currently on a program which I have another year on. I am living in a room. I need to move in a bigger place. If you can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Myra Toombs Reply

    Very much in need of an affordable apartment it’s getting ready to become cold and where I live we freeze all winter having to use the stove to try and stay warm please take this information to heart

  6. Angela Duran Reply

    Hello my name is Angela Duran I am 59 years old in Jan 2021 I will be 60 please help me, i live in one bedroom apartment but the rent is too high I have back and knee problem, I really don’t mind in which location or how big is the apartment. thank you.

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