City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams Shows Support and Concern for Mayor Eric Adams’ Gun Violence Plan

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City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams put out a statement in support of Mayor Eric Adams’ ‘Gun Violence Plan’, but she also expressed concern over his eagerness to bring back what many believe amounts to stop and frisk, with the plain clothes units being tasked once again with policing the community as a way to bring gun violence down. The problems that New Yorkers of color have faced over the years has been well documented. This opens the door to increased police harassment against hard working New Yorkers and officers spending valuable time writing tickets, while others are committing actual crimes. The Mayor says this will not happen under his watch, but he is no longer the officer who is on the frontline, there are other officers who are out there stopping and frisking innocent New Yorkers. Below is Adrienne Adams official statement.

“We appreciate the mayor’s focus on the epidemic of violence our city faces and the need for multiple solutions, as the problem is complex and requires multifaceted approaches. An important way we can support the NYPD in its efforts to improve public safety is by expanding our commitment to complementary public safety work by other stakeholders in every city agency and community partner that can help prevent crime and violence – this plan starts to recognize that reality. We strongly welcome the mayor’s focus on strengthening community-based violence prevention programs, mental health care, and investments in youth employment – and we’re glad these are so central to the plan and conversation, providing a great starting point. The mayor’s advocacy for action on gun control in Washington and efforts to target gun trafficking is also critical.

“Concerns have been raised in communities about the plain clothes unit’s ability to reduce violence, given its past history of initiating undue violence. This proposal – along with others to change city and state criminal justice policies – requires further public dialogue and transparency. Public safety is a critical issue for our city, and the Council looks forward to exploring the details of this plan to ensure our city is enacting the best and most comprehensive range of strategies to prevent violence at the level needed. We, as a legislative body, are focused on contributing solutions to enhance the city’s ability to make every New Yorker safer.”

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