Canarsie Residents & Students Can Vote On How $40,000 Will Be Spent in Their Neighborhood

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As part of New York City’s Civic Engagement Commission, in partnership with NYC Taskforce for Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE), and the Young Men’s Initiative, Canarsie residents and students have an opportunity to vote to decide how to spend $40,000 to help your neighborhood.

You have an opportunity to vote on one of three programs to be implemented in Canarsie. The winning program will receive the $40,000.

3 Programs to Vote On:

  1. Reaching the underserved business community in Canarsie, Brooklyn
    Black and Latino small business owners in Canarsie will advocate for and increase awareness and share information about the stigmas around mental health and where to go locally for information. Canarsie is one of the fastest growing small minority business communities in NYC. Our goal is to grow with the growth in our community.
  2. Canarsie Youth Mental Health Movement
    Research confirms that youth of color play an essential role in the community as change agents. Youth of color could create lasting racial change, help Black and Latino community members build trust with one another, and bridge the gap in Black and Brown communities between unmet mental health needs and mental health care.
  3. Connecting Mental Health Therapist to High School Students
    Coordinating with all the local Canarsie NYC high schools we will coordinate and promote mental health and wellbeing specifically among youth ages 11 to 23 years old and their families. These events will be coordinate with each of the High School Principals in the Canarsie community to provide mental health therapist, healthy eating, healthy cooking, yoga and massage activities Serving the 11236 zip code.

See Details & VOTE HERE for Canarsie & Flatlands residents!


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