Brooklyn’s KOTA The Friend Adheres To Pandemic Safety While Filming Bonus Verse From His BQE Track Featuring Joey Badass & Bas

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Checkout the videos at the bottom of the page – “BQE” track with Joey Badass and Bas, bonus verse from the “BQE” track and the “For Colored Boys” video from the FOTO album.

KOTA The Friend

Brooklyn’s KOTA The Friend, considered by many to be the hottest Independent Hip-Hop Artist on the scene, released his single, BQE, from his upcoming sophomore album. EVERYTHING, which launches May 22.

The BQE single features hip-hip stars Joey Badass, also from Brooklyn, and Bas, from Queens, NY. Now you see why the track is titled BQE.

In a recent interview KOTA told Complex, “BQE’ is a song for my hometown. It’s about the come up and pushing through no matter what. I think what we did with this track was show New York that this too is what the cit sounds like.” KOTA added, “I think what we did with this track was show New York that this too is what the city sounds like”​​​​​​.​

Checkout KOTA’s debut album, FOTO, which was streamed over 80 million times.

“BQE” Track with KOTA The Friend, Joey Badass and Bas

Bonus Verse for BQE track from IG. KOTA expands on the importance of being an Independent Artis

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VIDEO “For Colored Boys” from FOTO album.

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