Barrons Win In Spite of Controversy Surrounding Their Control of 4 Elected Seats in East New York

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Charles and Inez Barron won their District Leader races over Chris Banks and Nikki Lucas, in spite of the controversy surrounding the fact that they will now control four elected positions in East New York. (Controversial Story Here)

See the full list of noteworthy NYC Primary results below.

Senators that joined the Senate Independent Democratic Conference, the group of breakaway Democrats who once partnered with Republicans to share control of the chamber, lost big in the NY primaries.  See “IDC” next to their names.


Andrew Cuomo (D) 66% 

Cynthia Nixon 34%



Kathy Hochul 53% 

Jumaane Williams 47%



Letitia James 41% 

Zephyr Teachout 31%

Sean Patrick Maloney 25%

Leecia Eve 3%



District 11, Democratic Primary

John Liu: 50.68% ​​​

Tony Avella: 45.31% (IDC)


District 13, Democratic Primary

Jessica Ramos: 50.73%

Jose Peralta: 41.74% (IDC)


District 17, Democratic Primary

Simcha Felder: 63.25%

Blake Morris: 32.69%


District 18, Democratic Primary

Julia Salazar: 54.09%

Martin Dilan: 38.37%


District 20, Democratic Primary

Zellnor Myrie: 51.30%

Jesse Hamilton: 43.44% (IDC)


District 22, Democratic Primary

Andrew Gounardes: 51.75%

Ross Barkan: 37.64%


District 23, Democratic Primary

Diane Savino: 60.05%

Jasmine Robinson: 18.34%

Brandon Stradford: 11.01 %


District 31, Democratic Primary

Robert Jackson: 52.88%

Marisol Alcantara: 36.39% (IDC)

Tirso Pina: 3.78%

Thomas Leon: 1.39%


District 34, Democratic Primary

Alessandra Biaggi: 53.11%

Jeff Klein: 44.48% (IDC)


District 38, Democratic Primary

David Carlucci: 53.23%

Julie Goldberg: 42.51%


District 42, Democratic Primary

Jennifer Metzger: 57.56%

Pramilla Malick: 36.90%


District 53, Democratic Primary

Rachel May: 50.47%

David Valesky: 46.66% (IDC)



District 18, Democratic Primary

Taylor Raynor: 50.06%

Earlene Hooper: 45.10%
District 20, Democratic Primary

Juan Vides: 45.92%

Jack Vobis: 41.91%


District 30, Democratic Primary

Brian Barnwell: 57.44%

Melissa Sklarz: 31.97%


District 39, Democratic Primary

Catalina Cruz: 48.94%

Ari Espinal: 39.51%
District 104, Democratic Primary

Jonathan Jacobson: 26.40%

Kevindaryan Lujan: 21.23%

Jodi McCredo: 20.05%

Ralph Coates: 15.24%

Alexander Reed Kelly: 11.95%


District 136, Democratic Primary

Jamie Romeo: 56.26%

Jaclyn Richard: 22.79%

Todd Grady: 10.83%



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