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There is a lot of truth in this time tested, tried, and true statement: you are what you eat. Food does not only affect the state of your health on the inside but also the health of your skin. People often forget the skin is an organ and needs proper nutrition in order to perform optimally. If you want the skin you remember from days long past, it is time to increase the amount of these anti-aging foods in your daily menu.

Beans: This wonderful food is better than you may think for the state of your health and something that low-carb dieters miss out on. Beans are not only a high protein food but also a vitamin-rich veggie. These should be a staple on any anti-aging diet because they are low calorie, low fat, high complex carbohydrate, high fiber, and contain a little amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in addition to the important protein.

Hot Peppers: Flavorful and full of zest hot peppers are also excellent for your skin. These peppers contain capsaicinoids, which not only provide that kick of heat you love your peppers for but also amazing anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic effects, and heart-healthy, cancer-fighting effects as well. Chilies are also an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids.

Allium: Members of the Alliums family include onions, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, and garlic. More than a great flavoring for foods they each offer amazing health benefits in their own rights. Some of the benefits of these foods include lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and immune system boosting, and detoxifying the body in addition to beautiful, youthful skin.

Sprouts: A versatile addition to your daily menu, sprouts are a small change you can make that has a big impact on your skin and the impact of age on your skin. Sprouts contain the enzymes that our bodies stop producing as we age. They are also good sources for protein and vitamin C while adding a nice flavor enhancement to your meals.

Acai: If you need a sweet touch in your anti-aging diet for the sake of sanity, the acai berry is an excellent choice. The acai berry is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid that helps the omega-e fish oils in your diet penetrate the membranes of cells making them suppler. Acai is antioxidant-rich and high in dietary fiber.

Yogurt: This incredible anti-aging superfood makes the list for a reason. Some of the benefits include: anti-inflammatory, probiotic, and immune-boosting just to start. It is also believed that regularly eating probiotic yogurt can aid in weight loss efforts.

Grapefruit: Adding grapefruit to your daily diet is one way to get beautiful skin. Grapefruit helps your body flush out toxins and waste, which will lead to better skin. The vitamins and minerals in grapefruit feed your cells and keep them healthy and strong. Grapefruit applied directly to your skin can also give you beautiful skin. The anti-oxidants fight free radicals in the skin that can cause lines, wrinkles, discolorations and other blemishes.

Nuts: You’d have to be nuts to skimp on the nuts, no matter what the diet gurus are telling you. Seriously, nuts are filled with all sorts of health benefits that are great for your health and amazing when it comes to anti-aging. Some of the benefits of nuts include: diminished risk of cancer, weight loss aid, reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, and reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Green Foods: Not only are these foods incredibly beneficial to your health by lowering bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity, and preventing cancer, but they are also excellent sources of protein, vitamins, and youthful-looking skin.

Buckwheat: This anti-aging superfood is an incredible – and often surprising – source of protein. It also has the unique ability to boost the protein in other foods that are eaten within a certain time frame because of its high antioxidant properties. Other great things to consider about buckwheat are that it is known to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar, which is a prime culprit in skin aging.

Barley: Barley is terribly overlooked and underutilized superfood. When it comes to anti-aging properties this low glycemic index grain is the path to a healthy body from the inside out. The high soluble and insoluble fiber content of barley makes it a great choice for any diet. The fact that it stabilizes blood sugar levels makes it a must for any anti-aging diet. Put these anti-aging superfoods for you and see for yourself how quickly you will be able to show your best face to the world.

Cucumber: Cucumber contains vitamin C, protein and beta-carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. It is a famous food which has a great effect on skin-care. Cucumber can be used to clean or care the skin or used to eliminate the wrinkles on the face, all of which are very effective. The simplest way is to apply cucumber slices on the face. Cucumber has the effect of absorbing excessive heat in the skin, calming the skin, and supplying moisture to the skin. As a result, it is especially suitable for the prevention and treatment of skin darkness, stain, and roughness caused by sunburn.

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