10 Residents Die In Their Apartments in Van Dyke Houses in Brownsville As NYCHA Residents Are Hit Hardest by Coronavirus

It is no secret by now that residents in the most under-served areas in New York City have been hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic.

In Brownsville, Lisa Kenner, resident association president at Van Dyke Houses in Brooklyn, told Politico “So many people have died this week,” She said 10 residents have died in their apartments at Van Dyke. In one case, the bodies of a mother and son were discovered in their unit only after the smell prompted neighbors to call city officials. Eventually, the National Guard came to remove the bodies, and then cleaning crews passed through the home. But the odor of death lingered.

Six people died at Woodson Houses in Brownsville.

In a recent report by WPIX, NYC Council Member Alicka Ampry-Samuel, the chair of the city’s public housing committee stated “we have to do better. We have to do more,” said Samule. “We have to make sure we are doing a live touch for our seniors. Who is doing the wellness checks? And when they do the wellness checks what’s happening on the other end?”


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22 thoughts on “10 Residents Die In Their Apartments in Van Dyke Houses in Brownsville As NYCHA Residents Are Hit Hardest by Coronavirus

  1. Liz Carter Reply

    People in poor neighborhoods are dying because they are being told to stay home for 14 days. By the time they cant breathe it’s too late. Doctors dont want to see patients in the office. When patients have underlying they are not being dealt with adequately.

      1. Tessa Reply

        The ‘problem’ is much more systemic? We are not a society that typically teach that ‘we are our brothers/sisters keepers’…. Too many people from too many places in one congested City. We can expect to become even more removed from each other out a new fear and ongoing ‘social distancing’…..G’d is the only one that can help us ALL.

    1. Avis Reply

      Everything you said is soo true and it leaves us no choice but to believe that this is done deliberately
      To weed out the poor from wealthy and “weak” from “strong” What’s being done is sick and I pray Daily for my people

    2. Ronnette Reply

      Stfu it has nothing to do with people being poor it has to do with penot giving a damn about the elderly. I lived in Brownsville I that time we cared about our neighbors we knocked on their doors to see it they were ok or needed anything, this is about people being heartless not caring about their own

      1. Tashia clark Reply

        How anything you said make sense as well? How can anyone knock on someone door when they supposed to be staying I’m side themselves to stay away from the Coronavirus. We all supposed to be protecting ourselves. So it’s not people fault for not going over their either. In this situation there is nothing anyone could have done. But to go to the hospital etc. but they don’t have enough equipments either. Blame Your governor. Not your neighbors!! They would have caught the virus 🦠 too.

    3. Felicia Bobbett Reply

      So true, You had to b on ur death bed for them to see you, by then it’s to late, I knew this would happen, A mother and her son, Maybe if didn’t tell them to go back home, they probably would had been here, But then the hospitals was so overwhelmed, They didn’t know what to do, or how to help them, This is something that will haunt me for the rest of my life, I know I won’t b the same when I return

  2. Kevin Smith Reply

    It has been no secret that we the residents of NYCHA are not thought of as important, we have been disregarded for so long on so many issues. Now that there’s a Pandemic something is supposed to change ( I Think Not ). I really wish someone actually cared but the only time someone show any concern is when the bright lights of the cameras are on, the minute there no longer recording things go back to as it was ( the unforgotten )

    1. Jon Morris Reply

      It’s up to each person to keep their apartments clean. It’s a shame these building get so dirty. Who makes them dirty? The residents. I use to live there. Don’t miss it

    2. L Jefferson Reply

      Judy, I live in a 3 story aot building. I don’t wait for my landlord to do certain things. I do them myself. Believe it or not I even wipe the door knobs to the entrance door to the building constantly with a simple bleach water mix. I worked in New York City housing for 5 years. Just as fast as you mop the floor here comes some fool right behind them and pisses. The tenants are the front line to the cleanliness of any apartment building. And if you guys are not willing to report the bad tenants then you should keep quiet when it comes to denigrating the employees. They shouldn’t have to be babysitters. That’s one place I don’t miss!

        1. Tessa Reply

          It is no one’s fault….we are not socialized to become our brother/sisters keepers…….we have to become the change that we want to see in NYCHA? Some residents don’t think that they can make a difference and have no pride in where they live. It is systemic not to care because no one else does? Politicians are not elected to provide for your social needs, but to bring resources to the community. WE have to do EVERYTHING else. You mother/father stopped taking care of you after 21….it is up to YIU now…..

      1. Doris Leyba Reply

        Not anymore L Jefferson, between the homeless shelters forcing ppl out during the day, our Stairwells and buildings are comforts for them and their toilet. The bigger concern is, they are here to purchase their drug, no!!! not weed, more of the harsh stuff; Management knows, city knows, city does nothing, all they do is ask them to leave they return; if they need ambulance they come out of the hospital, and then they are back. Finally, all NYC/private housing must take in a % of Mentally disabled, they have rights too.

    3. Tanya Reply

      If you live there why not sanitize the buildings yourselves? I don’t understand grown adults not taking the bull by the horns ESPECIALLY since as you say “NYCHA is not doing anything” Do It Yourself!!

      1. Melody Reply

        So true, yet unfortunate that it has to be done.I grew up in NYCHA ,and 30 something yrs ago…the playground by my building was a disgrace, graffiti ,chipped paint…just messed up. My dad bought a few gallons of paint and took us to the park and we painted! I was probably 8. Gotta be the change you want to see when others wont.

  3. Cynthia Washington Reply

    Well my sincere Condolences to all whis family is going thru draths and trying times. Which we all are. NYCHA is NYCHA tenants must do their part as being responsible and respectful for all; young or old. Trust and believe you cannot wait for others to what what God has planted in your heart to do. I once was a NYCHA tenant and my mom and other family members remain tenants where there are tenants who care and share for and with each other. Don’t pass the blame. Be part of the solution not the problem C.W.

    1. mary jordan Reply

      Im just happy to be here to care for my 75yr old mother and Sister who both have underlying health issues!! Thanking God im Able wish i could do more for others Its just a sad time we are living in and yes we live in Van Dyke Houses in Brownsville We hear the Ambulances every day and night

  4. Jennifer Gambrell Reply


  5. Michelle Parker Reply

    It’s all our responsibility as neighbors as Brownsville nites to look out and show some care and concern for each other. Jst cause we clean door knobs n mop up piss occasionally don’t make us good neighbors. What will it hurt us to knock on a neighbor’s door that old enough to b our mother to ask are they ok do they need anything. Treat people the way u want to be treated, That’s the Law of the land in any language. Universal Law

  6. Teresa Reply

    I grew in Van Dyke Houses and my parents are still there . I visit and see that the city put a residential building in the middle of Dumont ave in the already dense area. They have three senior citizens buildings just 50 ft away . Why did that happen . Mayor DeBlasio should not let that happen..Covid19 is not our friend Andre this just makes it worst.

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