$1.2 Bil Affordable Housing Development in East New York Planned by Christian Cultural Center

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According to an article in the Christian Post, pastor A.R. Bernard made the announcement at the 100 Cities Summit, in Washington DC.

Speaking to Christian leaders from over 45 countries at the 100 Cities Summit hosted by Movement Day at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., Bernard told the crowd that the Christian Cultural Center will partner with various government and private entities to build a community of 2,100 mixed-income housing units.

The community, which Bernard expects to be finished within the next seven to 10 years, will also include an education center, retail space, and a performing arts center.

“We are a 50/50 partner with the developer — not land that [the church] sold or gave up,” Bernard explained.  “In New York, it is not just land but air rights that is worth millions of dollars. We are in it together to reap all that comes out of that development and to address gentrification issues that are happening in the communities there in New York City.”

Bernard elaborated on the project in an interview with The Christian Post.

“In cities like New York, there is gentrification taking place. Gentrification could be racial, it could be economic. For us it is economic. Individuals who are working class or in a certain income range are being squeezed out,” he stressed.  “We wanted to respond by creating affordable housing. We didn’t want to do what has typically been done over the last 70, 80 years in America and that is warehousing people with one income, which perpetuates poverty and perpetuates inner city condition.”

“What we want to do is create a community and a model that is sustainable,” he added.  “It is creating community and we want to do it in such a way that is sustainable long-term and a model that we can replicate in other cities across the country.”

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10 thoughts on “$1.2 Bil Affordable Housing Development in East New York Planned by Christian Cultural Center

  1. Richlyn Bunch Reply

    Gentrification is so real where I’m at. Will you please send me an application and more information, especially for persons with disabilities. Thank you.

  2. Delores Harris Reply

    Congratulations to Pastor Bernard and the CCC Family for spearheading this wonderful project. It is much needed in our communities. Thank you

  3. Antoinette Nelson Reply

    Is this for home ownership or for apartments? Our young people need a pathway to affordable home ownership in NYC. What we are seeing is the displacement of homeownership whereby Jews and whites are buying homes while POC are pushed out of their homes due to inequitable water/sewage and property tax burden assigned to black, Hispanic homeowners, and unscrupulous real estate investors forging deeds, This church is controlled by the board members of CCC and investors. Please discern.

  4. Sharon McBride Reply

    Please let me know when accepting applications. I lived in Brooklyn NY all my lift and was forced to move due to the rent increase. I will be 70 years old and had attended CCC for 10 years before covid struck and had to accept affordable complex in Delaware. I pray to return to NYC. and this development is a blessing. I may not be in Brooklyn now but I was the 8am service every Sunday. GOD BLESS CCC.

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