Urban Village Mega-Development in East New York Moving Forward With 11 New Buildings and 1,975 Apts

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The billion dollar Urban Village mega development in East New York,  in partnership with Christian Cultural Center (CCC),  is currently under review by the NYC Department of Buildings. The complex will be built on the land owned by CCC, just behind its mega church, on Pennsylvania Ave  and Flatlands Ave.

The development will be 1.7 million sq ft and will include 11 new buildings, with 675 affordable housing units, 200 supportive senior housing units, and 100 affordable homes.

According to YIMBY, the filings currently under review pertain only to the first two phases of the development, referred to as phase 1A and phase 1B. Together, these initial phases will create 817 permanently affordable rental units, 27,000 square feet of commercial space, and 107,000 square feet of below-grade parking.

Phase 1A will consist of 376 affordable rental units for individuals and families earning 30 percent to 80 percent area median income (AMI), as well as ten affordable homeownership properties reserved for applicants earning between 80 percent to 100 percent AMI.

The development will also include a 17,000-square-foot grocery store and about 45,000 square feet of below-grade parking.

The development plans show that there will also be a 10,000-square-foot pharmacy, walk-in medical center, a 12,000-square-foot community daycare, and 62,000 square feet of parking.

Bernard is the leading reverend of the Christian Cultural Center, the city’s largest mega church with around 37,000 active members.

“The Urban Village brings a new concept of affordable housing to East New York and provides robust programming for a growing community,” said Bernard. “This milestone marks the beginning of an amazing response to the needs of our community. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The project team has already passed the ULURP process and received full city council approval to transform the site as planned. The overall master plan is expected to be completed in phases over a ten-year period.

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5 thoughts on “Urban Village Mega-Development in East New York Moving Forward With 11 New Buildings and 1,975 Apts

  1. Martha Abdul-Hameed Reply

    Interested in a 2 bedroom apartment for myself and my 13yr old daughter. A member with Christian Cultural Center since 1992

  2. Leon Reply

    My wife and I are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment complex in the future AR Benard’s urban village. We currently reside in the Starrett City community.

  3. Karen Daubon Reply

    I enjoy worshipping at the CCC church and was amazed to learn of this great news . I am interested in a 2 bedroom for myself and my son .. please let me know how /when / where to apply . thank you

  4. Karen Daubon Reply

    I would love to occupy a two bedroom for myself and my son. I enjoy worshipping at CCC. Great things are happening indeed . Thank God. . Please let me know how to apply . Thank you .

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