Supermarket Chain Buys Multiplex Movie Theater on Linden Blvd in East New York for $40 Million

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Brooklyn-based chain Food Bazaar Supermarkets recently acquired over 8 acres of land in East New York for $40 million. The land acquisition includes four parcels along Linden Blvd, and Loring Avenue. The Linden Blvd Multiplex Cinemas is included in the purchase, which means we should expect a new Food Bazaar to replace the movie theater at some point. Details for the use of the land have not been officially announced.

As of now, the movie theater is still open and currently showing 12 movies.

This new location would be just 1 mile from the Gateway Mall, where Shop Rite Supermarket is currently located, and seems to be doing extremely well.

Food Bazaar already has a supermarket in East New York, just 2 miles away at 111-10 Flatlands Ave. There is also a Food Bazaar in Brownsville at 417 Junius St.

It looks like technology, in the form of streaming, is hitting the multiplex movie theaters. Last year the extremely popular Regal Theater in downtown Brooklyn on Court St suddenly closed, without warning. The Regal was a stadium theater with 12 theaters inside.

Streaming platforms, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others, have become increasingly popular and offer convenient ways for people to watch movies and TV shows from the comfort of their homes. This has led to changes in consumer behavior, and some people prefer the convenience of streaming over going to a physical movie theater.

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21 thoughts on “Supermarket Chain Buys Multiplex Movie Theater on Linden Blvd in East New York for $40 Million

  1. Curtis L Sherrod Reply

    Thank you for this article. Acquiring land is key in today’s society and that is prime location. They may resell it for a big profit. What I really want to say is it will be another high priced supermarket. It is right in a predominantly Black and Brown area and we will be over priced. I shop at Shoprite and Aldi and Bjs and Walmart. The other people without transportation or just fall into they are right there are going to pay over the regular price.

    1. Jake Reply

      Yeah do you know why it’s overpriced? Because 75% of the people shopping are using EBT .. do you really think they care about prices? The store owners know this and don’t give a crap either. Why would they it’s the city of New York money.. bunch of lowlives

  2. Candace Reply

    That is the only movie theater on this side of Brooklyn and convenient so theirfore it should remain cause it’s been their for so long. Us Brooklyn residents in Cypress Hills , Pink Houses , East New York and surrounding areas should petition ,fight to keep it.

  3. Michael bristow Reply

    I am surprise to read this for I am aware that magic Johnson is the owner of this theater a great prize in Brooklyn is how I see it.

  4. Rasheedah Ali Reply

    Wow, this is my favorite movie theatre. Big screen and comfy seats will be missed. Why not put the market in the parking space. Most people use the buses. Never seen the lot full.

  5. BklynUniocrn66 Reply

    Theres nothing like goin to theater seeing big screen with surround sound. Watching at home is not the same. No matter how big TV screen one has.

    1. Ed Montalvo Reply

      You’re right but unfortunately for the theater owners being home is so much more comfortable. You can pause the movie go to the bathroom & U don’t have to deal with high concession prices or annoying people that don’t know how to act in a theater 😔

  6. Dunny M Reply

    Students from the nearby schools, go there for trips. What movie theater will they go to, once the linden theater is money talks.

  7. Munisah Milton Reply

    I’m so sad to read this. There isn’t another theater on this side of Brooklyn.🙄 And the grocery store is expensive.

  8. Chris Reply

    It’s sad that the only movie theater on this side of town is closing.And the other person is right when they said that most of the people are using ebt cards and for those of us who are hard working people that live in the neighborhood it’s sad my kids love that place always there. East New York stay strong!!!!!!!! Ps.where is Chris Banks

  9. Dani P Whitted Reply

    I use to go on court street and I’m so sorry to hear that it is closed. I liked that movie better than linden. It has been years for me I use to take my babies then my grandchildren to linden. Now I work all the time. I haven’t been since 11/22

  10. Jen P Reply

    We need to petition to keep this theater open. We don’t need a food Bazar. Prices are too expensive like Cherry Valley.

  11. Gammy all day Reply

    Hopefully they’ll leave the theater and use the empty parking lots they aren’t using as the supermarket. I’d like a Walmart personally. Nothing will be in it because all of Brooklyn and half of Queens will be in there. And then that would kill the strip mall down the street. Everyone loses, sigh

  12. Just a Dope Black Woman💕 Reply

    The community should definitely petition to keep it open. If we keep allowing positive outlets for our children and families to be snatched out of the community, we can’t complain when the effects of that loss is deviance.

  13. Steve Reply

    love going to that movie theater but soon that supermarket is built I will not support that supermarket and overall the name of that supermarket. I will not support it in the New York area

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