Southern Community Development Corp Receives $100K Grant To Support Local COVID Vaccine Information Sharing

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Southern Community Development Corporation under the leadership of the late Bishop Clarence E. Williams recently received a $100,000 grant from the New York City’s Task-force on Racial Inclusion & Equity to support multi-sector stakeholders, including nonprofits organizations serving populations impacted by COVID-19 inequities, businesses, houses of worship, community boards, educational institutions, tenant associations, mutual aid coalitions and civic bodies.

TRIE Neighborhood Coordinators (TNC) will serve as grassroots and community led coalitions who have been on the front line of responding to the pandemic. The goal of the grant is to increase local coordination; the Task force will support a system of local coalitions within 33 disproportionately impacted neighborhoods with significant racial and economic disparities in health outcomes as identified by the City. This grant will support local information sharing, organizing, and resource coordination while providing real-time feedback loops to the City  to ensure a strong response and recovery.

It’s fast and easy to Schedule your COVID Vaccine at a location in your neighborhood.

If you would like information to share with your members or group about the importance of getting the COVID vaccine or if you want to discuss collaborating on these efforts contact Southern Community Development Corporation at (212) 470-6598.


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