NYCHA Tenants in East New York Win Fight To Vote on Outdoor Space at Linden Houses

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In New York City outdoor space of any kind is important for tenants living in large buildings, whether the buildings are private, or city owned. Recently NYCHA tenants in East New York’s Linden Houses put up a fight, with the support of Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas, to keep their outdoor space. The developers who now manage Linden Houses had plans to do away with the outdoor space throughout the development, until Assemblywoman Lucas informed them that the tenants were unhappy with the plan.

Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas stated, “outdoor space in large buildings is important when it comes to quality of life. Developers who are building downtown Brooklyn and throughout New York City push outdoor space as part of the value proposition for residents. If outdoor space has value downtown, then management should understand that outdoor space also has value for residents in East New York. I spoke to a NYCHA executive and explained that the tenants want to keep their outdoor space and to be a part of the decision-making process regarding the options that exist for the terraces.”

Linden Houses tenant, Carol Barnes stated, “If the terraces are removed, we would lose one of the main aspects of the development that allows Linden Houses to stand out from other developments in the area. The problem is that NYCHA dropped the ball on upkeep of the terraces.”

There are terraces on each floor within Linden Houses, which allows tenants the opportunity to have access to outdoor space without leaving their floor.

Carol Barnes added, “we have many residents who are either disabled, seniors or very young. The terraces work well when we want air or sunlight, without the need to go out of the building. While we want the terraces to remain, it’s up to the tenants to make sure the terraces are not used as a location for storage.”

Assemblywoman Lucas added, “because of the concerns expressed by the tenants and our ability to work directly with NYCHA, the removal of the terraces has now been paused. I am happy to announce that there will be a vote among the residents on the future of the terraces, for full transparency.”

For residents of Linden Houses, the vote will be held Wednesday April 12th at 6:30pm at the Penn-Wortman Community Center, located at 895 Pennsylvania Ave., or you can join via Zoom at ID: 837 0253 4874.

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6 thoughts on “NYCHA Tenants in East New York Win Fight To Vote on Outdoor Space at Linden Houses

  1. Carpenter Reply

    I chose option (A) because I have handicap people and elderly and small kids live in my building and they not able to go outside. The terrace is convenient for them to come from their apartments to the terrace.

  2. Carol Barnes Reply

    The vote for the terraces was won through the Terraces Association getting the residents to realize they have rights and with the help of Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas, we will be keeping our fresh air terraces. This was a fight we were told by the developers that we couldn’t win. But we stuck together, got a petition started. And as of Wednesday, April 12th, we now won the rights to keep our terraces. All residents had the chance to vote, and we won the rights to keep our terraces, with an upgrade.

  3. Carol Barnes Reply

    As of April 11th, the residents of Linden Houses has won the rights to keep our open air terraces. The Tenant Association set out to stop the window wall, that the developer’s wanted by removing the terraces. We came together and voted to keep the outside terraces. With the help of Nikki Lucas and her staff, Linden Houses with keep our fresh air terraces on each floor. We realized the power we have when we come together as one and say No, this is not what we want. The Tenant Association started the petition and saw it through until the vote. Today, Thursday we’re rejoicing with the tenants. As long paying and long standing tenants we do have rights

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