Nikki Lucas and Chris Banks Join Starrett City Residents To Stop Rent Hike

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East New York community advocates gathered with Spring Creek Towers (Starrett City) residents to fight against rent increases.  Nikki Lucas, candidate to become East New York’s next City Council Member, and community activist Chris Banks, held a rally at Starrett City Sunday afternoon to stop rent hikes for Starrett City residents.

Lucas, who is also a 40 year resident of Starrett City, told East New York News, “although Starrett City ownership has now agreed to freeze any rent increases for 2021, I would like to see the rent freeze stay in place through 2025. Starrett City is one of the areas that has been hardest hit by the COVID pandemic.  We need a chance to breathe and many residents need a chance to get their finances back in order before they are able to pay increased rents. I will continue to work with my fellow Starrett City tenants to fight to keep the rent freeze in place until residents are back on their feet.”

Starrett City management sent Lucas an email minutes before the rally and minutes before News12 setup their cameras to air the rally.  The following is the email that Lucas received from Starrett City management.

Hi Nikki,

Reaching out on behalf of the Spring Creek Towers team as we were made aware of the press event today. Please see the below statement for your reference.
We understand that sharing any revised rent plans may create anxiety for our residents.  While we were never going to raise rent in 2021, we have now also suspended our normal administrative processes in order not to create confusion during this uncertain time.  The existing rent freeze will remain in effect.
Banks stated, “any rent hikes will pour fuel to the fire” when it comes to the fact that tenants are still battling the COVID pandemic.

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