New 4 Story Development Coming to East New York on Vermont St

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Renderings have been revealed for a new 4 story development that will be built at 223-227 Vermont St, (near Liberty Ave.).  The development is a part of the New York City Housing Preservation initiative.

This is very early stage information, with many details not yet available.

As details become available, they will be announced on

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4 thoughts on “New 4 Story Development Coming to East New York on Vermont St

  1. Jessica Reply

    They are putting up all these new buildings for who not us if I made 60 t0 70 thousand dollars a year why would I need to live in and apartment I would have house of my own. They rent out to all these new
    comers they only have rent for 6 months to a year another thing you give the apartments to the college kids they dont even have no money parents are paying the rent how long is that going to last 1 year.go away with the credit check

  2. Debra Bisacco-Parker Reply

    I am a long standing resident of East Nee York although I moved from the community. I know how important it is for a community to thrive reason why I want to be in the loop and have a say… look forward to be part of a community I care about. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

    Best wishes to a NEW a& revitalize EAST NEW ! YORK! ???❤️

  3. Victoria Reply

    I would like to know if this is actually true because we have been told that, although these lots were originally reserved for housing development by HPD and the City Councilman with their rezoning plan, they are actually being turned over to the East New York Dog Lovers group for a dog friendly park and not going to be used for much needed housing at all.

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