Major Upset in NYC Council Race in Brownsville As Darlene Mealy is the Projected Winner Over Alicka Ampry-Samuel

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It looks like there was a major upset last night in the City Council race in Brownsville.  Darlene Mealy, who was in the City Council from 2006-2017 in the 41st District, which covers Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill-Brownsville, East Flatbush and Crown Heights, defeated incumbent Alicka Ampry-Samuel.  According to WABC7NY, Mealy is the projected winner over Ampry-Samuel.  With 65% of the precincts reporting, Mealy has 58% of the vote (7,702 votes) compared to Ampry-Samuel’s 42% (5,659 votes), in this one on one race.  There were no other candidates in the race.

Samuel was running to get a second term in the City Council and she was in line to possibly become the Speaker of the New York City Council.  According to the Campaign Finance Board records Alicka Ampry-Samuel raised $150,293 compared to Mealy’s $15,255.  However, Mealy was able to receive $82,000 in matching funds.  Samuel’s campaign team did not participate in the 8 to 1 matching funds program, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Although the results are not official, WABC7NY has projected that Mealy will be the official winner in this race.

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2 thoughts on “Major Upset in NYC Council Race in Brownsville As Darlene Mealy is the Projected Winner Over Alicka Ampry-Samuel

  1. Joe Gonzalez Reply

    The results of this election is solely due to Alecka Samuels not taking good care of poor people in NYCHA.

    Had Ms. Samuels done a better job protecting NYCHA Residents, she would have been reelected.

    Let this serve as a clear warning to ALL city, state and federal elected officials they had better start taking NYCHA Residents and their unique interests very serious or they WILL face the angry voters at election time.

    1. Tim Reply

      Interesting that concept didn’t work for the 35th race. Where Renee was on the frontlines working with NYCHA residents

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