VIDEO: Landlord Tenant Eviction Mediation Information Session With Attorney Ed King Expert in Landlord Tenant Issues

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It was recently announced that the New York City moratorium on evictions will be expiring in August, which means many New Yorkers will be faced with the grim reality of their evictions moving forward.

Watch this segment of VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas for an important Landlord-Tenant Eviction Mediation Information Session. Attorney Edward King was the guest. Mr. King is an expert in landlord/tenant issues. He answered questions live, for both tenants and landlords.

Be sure to share this information with family and friends who are tenants or landlords involved in an eviction.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Landlord Tenant Eviction Mediation Information Session With Attorney Ed King Expert in Landlord Tenant Issues

  1. Ms. Patterson-Lopez Reply

    Grace and peace. My matter of concern is the horrific parking situation in Starrett City. Numerous calls to the 75th pct traffic unit falls on deaf ears. There are NJMEROUS vehicles illegally parked all over the place, in bus stops, crosswalks, on the actual “corner” of a sidewalk where the sidewalk slopes for pedestrians/wheelchairs/strollers (blocking the slopes), fire hydrants, WAY past the end of a sidewalk sticking out so one has to make a WIDE turn around the vehicle if coming down a side street and where there are signs clearing stating “no parking/no parking on school days/no parking (w/arrow) from here to there. Most of the vehicles are officers from different NYC agencies who put their vests, on duty placards, you name it, in the window! It’s totally ridiculous! I like to jokingly play a game w/my grandsons called, “Can you find the fire hydrant in this picture”, when it comes to illegally parked cars right in front of the hydrant! There is an NYPD female officer who daily parks her white car on Pennsylvania Ave in her “personal parking spot” and gets out of her car with groceries, children, you name it! The traffic division does NOT issue these cars tickets, but will give someone else a ticket in a minute, who does not have paraphernalia in their wind shield. ( I have a garage space so it doesn’t effect me, but it’s terrible) The same people who swear an oath to uphold the law, are the very ones breaking it and using it for their personal gain, as if they are ABOVE the law and untouchable! I actually saw a NYPD tow truck hook an illegally parked vehicle and when he went to the windshield and saw the NYPD hat, unhooked the vehicle and drove off. ( A person who puts his/her HAT in the windshield parks in this spot illegally all the time,) If non- officers have to abide by parking laws, and possibly get tickets if they don’t, then ALL NYC officers in ANY agency should too! It’s not right and unfair and the 75th pct is doing nothing about it, or they send someone around and they usually just drive around and DEFINITELY don’t give Vehicles with any sort of placard, vest, hat etc any tickets! These people, mostly officers, some ARE non-officers, keep doing it because there are no consequences or repercussions for them because they don’t get ticketed. Your office needs to look into this and do something about it or notify the proper personnel to do so. Have a blessed day and sorry for the very lengthy message.

  2. Katherine Soverall Reply

    Yet another program ! This is a ridiculous nonstarter of a solution that should be dealt with by the city and state. Moratoriums should have been in place until January 2021, at least. Are the mayor and governor unaware of the number of low wage people who no longer have a job? Work with the banks to stop foreclosures and evictions. Take the pressure off of landlords. After all, you bailed out the banks in 2008, after they created the housing crisis. Some paying it forward, coupled with some compassion and understanding, is well overdue.

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