Kota the Friend Discusses False Accusations Made Against Him and The Toxicity of Cancel Culture

Kota the Friend, the independent hip-hop artist and producer out of Brooklyn, New York, has now added media executive to his bio. The independent hip hop artist launched his own podcast production titled ‘Free Not Woke’.

Kota wasted no time hitting on a serious subject that impacted his personal life. His first segment is a discussion on “Cancel Culture”, which he openly talks about his personal experience that he went through last year with false sexual abuse accusations being made against him that spread like wildfire on social media. Kota previously addressed the accusations in his latest album, ‘Lyrics to Go Volume III’, specifically in the song ‘Bitter’, but this is the first time he spoke about the situation on video.

His longtime friend and road manager, Marcus Santiago, is the podcast’s co-host. The two expressed how the show is a variety show that will address many issues, from serious issues to fun topics, all meant to keep people thinking. They said the show will be about real people for real people.

During this segment of the podcast Kota the Friend stated, “Cancel Culture is one of the most prevalent things in American Society right now.” He added, “it’s crazy and a social media fad.”
Santiago added, “It’s like group think or it’s kind of become a type of mob mentality.”

You can watch the full podcast on YouTube. The podcast is also on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.

To hear more from Kota the Friend and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:



Ex-Girlfriends Seemingly Conspire Against Brooklyn Independent Hip Hop Producer Kota The Friend

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