VIDEO Discussion on Perpetual Punishment with Guest Michael Zaki Smith of ‘The Next 100’

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Michael “Zaki” Smith is one of the 70–100 million individuals in this country with a criminal record. His passion and work is to dismantle the 44,000 laws and barriers of perpetual punishment that affect the lives of formerly incarcerated Americans, impacting their ability to access employment, housing, education, occupational licensing, and voting, among other areas. Collectively, these laws are known as “collateral consequences.”

Checkout te video below with Zaki Smith explaining to=he concept of Perpetual Punishment on VOICES of East New York with host Nikki Lucas.

Nikki Lucas is a City Council Candidate in the 42nd Council District, which includes East New York, Canarsie, Brownsville, East Flatbush and Remsen. 

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