JIG Media Partners With Brooklyn Printers To Offer Discounted Print Marketing Services To Local Brooklyn Businesses

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Today it was announced that JIG Media, the hyper-local digital marketing agency, located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, will be expanding its marketing services to include print marketing, through its newly created partnership with Brooklyn Printers.

“We are excited about partnering with Brooklyn Printers”, stated Vernon Jones Sr., CEO JIG Media. “Brooklyn Printers has been providing professional printing services to small businesses and large corporations for the past 45 years.  Their services will allow us to become a 360 marketing agency, providing digital marketing, event marketing and now print marketing.  Printing is very much alive, especially when you are talking about hyper-local marketing, which is our focus. This partnership allows us to provide complete print marketing strategy for local New York City businesses at an affordable rate. When you combine print marketing with our digital marketing services, local businesses will be able to compete with the large businesses in their industry. It’s all about growth for us and our customers.”

“Partnering with JIG Media makes sense for us, as we have clients who are looking for digital marketing to go along with the printing services that we provide”, stated David Newman, CEO of Brooklyn Printers. “JIG Media provides digital marketing for the same companies that purchase print marketing services. This partnership allows those companies to have a one stop shop for marketing, which will cut their costs, while giving them consistent messaging across the board.”

The partnership allows JIG Media to offer its clients creative design and printing services for promotional items, banners, menus, apparel, flyers, brochures and more. JIG Media concentrates on the following industries:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Community (non-profits)
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Restaurants

For information about print marketing you can call JIG Media at (718) 285-9351 or Contact JIG Media Online. JIG Media creates marketing campaigns made to increase sales for their clients.

If you already create your own print marketing campaigns but need printing service you can Contact Brooklyn Printers directly at (718) 629-1454.  If your company or organization is a partner of New York for Seniors® or HealthyNYC®, brands owned by JIG Media, then Brooklyn Printers will offer you an extra discount on your printing jobs.

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