Jesse Hamilton Named Brooklyn’s Donald Trump by Assemblywoman Diana Richardson in Video

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Diana Richardson, the Assemblywoman from the 43rd District in Brooklyn, covering Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Garden and East Flatbush named Brooklyn Senator, Jesse Hamilton, “Brooklyn’s Donald Trump”, in her video endorsement of Hamilton’s rival, Zellnor Myrie.  Watch the Video below!

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3 thoughts on “Jesse Hamilton Named Brooklyn’s Donald Trump by Assemblywoman Diana Richardson in Video

  1. Tony Herbert Reply

    Diana Richardson and the shameless Kings County Dem Party should stop fearmongering our community using The boogie man Donald Trump. Whenever a dem wants to get our votes they wave Trumps name in the air and paint the person being challenged as a Trump supporter. I have my issues with Jessie Hamilton but a Trump candidate…..Nah that isnt what he is. I did however support his joining the Independent Dem Caucus because the games politicos play and the favoritism they share with specific communities I believee was the catalyst of his join the IDC so he could deliver for his constituents. Now Diana started out with fire in her belly and along the way became politically institutionalized when the powers that be shut her up and down from railing against the very people that control politicians here in NYC..”The Real Estate Lobby”. Why has she gone so quiet on the very issues she took developers to task on? Did she get paid under the table? Did they threaten to run someone against her? I mean it appears to alot of us that she took some hush money and now need to get on a bandwagon to remain relevant. Her supporting someone who by far no one really knows or has any experience politically is just par for the course of her new role as the parties newly paid for.mouth piece. Shane in you Diana, there were hopes for you and you did exactly what alot of politicians do… sold out!!!!! I am willing to debate you on this anytime…. anywhere…Hey Jessie, feels lonely on this side of the fence doesn’t it bro?

  2. TOM Reply

    This just might bring out those “Trump-voting Democrats” out to vote for Jesse and maybe get him some bucks too.

  3. Vincent Riggins Reply

    I very seldom agree with Tony Herbert (even though I consider him a friend) on police, his perspective on our youth and where the blame should be rightfully placed for the social conditions of black and brown people. But I totally agree with his right perspective on your political pandering, yes we know your not the only one. It’s the nature of the political beast, to put politics over our people’s best interest. As a mother and a Black Women, I will always hold you in high esteem but your politics has been usurped by slogans, innuendos, and non-issues. The ability to serve without being a servant is God’s highest calling and it is displayed by truth and righteousness. In the challenging times that the Democratic Party is facing require them to advocate for their faithful base, black and brown people. The delivery of services, justice, and educational equity require the ability to work with all parties. So, in reality, your campaign rhetoric on why Senator Jesse Hamilton 20 Dist should not be re-elected, is one of the foundational reasons he should be re-elected, the unique ability to work with all power based people in NYS. The social condition of black and brown people in NYC is the results of 40 years or more of neglect and the intentional abandonment of housing for working-class people were not caused by Trump, would you agree. So, STOP IT! Let’s get back to real issues that can be solved by legislation, strong advocacy and the ability to work across the aisle. Jesse Hamilton legislative record is exemplary and his courage to stand for what’s right regardless of politics is what’s needed.
    Jesse production verses anybody:
    Bill S31656B signed by Governor – Bill S6161A Signed by Governor – Bill S2720 Signed by Governor
    Bill S6593A Signed by Governor – Bill S4998 – Bill Signed by Governor – Bill S5370 – Signed by Governor
    Bill S5682 Signed by Governor – Bill S3758A – Signed by Governor
    Used his leverage and voice to advocate for the repeal Civil Rights Law 50A out of the Senate with a vote of 60-1 for. Repeals provisions relating to personnel records of police officers, firefighters and correction officers. This is what the Mayor has been using to hide the disciplinary records from the public, in my opinion, to avoid aggressive mental health support for our police officers and civil servants. I will go to the State website to see what you have supported and legislation submitted. It’s nothing personal with you or Mr. Myrie, in fact, I just realized I may know his mother? It’s a critical time in NYC and the nation and I fear that the Democratic party has not learned anything about the political climate in America. Be prepared when you guys are out and about to be able to answer if you support the above legislation submitted by Sen. Jesse Hamilton that benefits black and brown people and the working class.

    Diane Richardson, we see you!

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