Hotel Motel Blitz Continues in East New York With 2 More in Development

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East New York might be considered one of Brooklyn’s hot up and coming neighborhoods, but the hotel/motel blitz might slow down the hotness.  Over the past few years a number of Brooklyn hotels have added rooms for the NYC shelter program. East New York has more shelters than most New York City neighborhoods, and just about every hotel in the neighborhood is part hotel/part shelter, adding to the growth of shelter living in the area.

According to New York Nimby, more than 130 hotel units are coming to East New York according to new construction permits recently filed by hotel developer Nehalkumar Gandhi.

Two more hotels will be located at 51 and 55 Sheffield Ave, between Fulton St and Atlantic Ave.

According to the New York Nimby article, the proposed building at 51 Sheffield Avenue will be 85 feet tall with 63 units across eight stories, totaling 24,268 square feet. The structure at 55 Sheffield Avenue will nine stories at 95 feet tall with 70 units, totaling 26,763 square feet. Both projects will have rear yards of 34 feet and no enclosed parking on the interior lots. Architect Michael Kang will be designing the two hotels.

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5 thoughts on “Hotel Motel Blitz Continues in East New York With 2 More in Development

  1. Antonia Daniels Reply

    There is no reason to put up these 2 hotels other than to take in City money. It’s obvious these are shelters not hotels. There aren’t any travelers trying to get a room in that area. I don’t understand how they can do this and the local politicians allow it.

  2. Marcel Newton Reply

    What are the politicians who represent ENY doing to ENY? Is there some kind of “Kick Back” coming to them for exploiting ENYs poor and disenfranchised population? People don’t need hotels, they need apartments and the ability to pay rent. None of the “so-called” low income apartment buildings in ENY is low income. Is this a way of gentrification of ENY with a dash of hotel-shelters, and illegal “legal” basements.
    Why are there no notices of the community board meetings publicized? Who new of the community forums regarding the erection of these hotels and what was the response of these forums?

  3. Carmen Molina Reply

    There has been an influx of homeless men and drug addicts roaming the streets of Cypress Hills. We don’t need any more hotels/shelters in our neighborhood. They are turning our neighborhood seedy and bringing our property values down. The local politicians are selling us out.

  4. B Cooney Reply

    Where are our elected officials on this issue? Busy dancing locally or worried that there may be some one being called to work!! There is No parking here already since the mta changed the bus route no community board input when that happened the board was closed! Wake up eny we are getting targeted again. Time to rally and fight for our homes and community.

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