Former NBA Player Theo Ratliff Expanding His Anti-Bullying Program to New York City Public Schools in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn, NY – (NYC NEWSWIRE) – Today it was announced that former NBA player, Theo Ratliff and the Theo Ratliff Foundation will be expanding its anti-bullying initiative to schools in New York City’s, Brownsville and East New York neighborhoods, in Brooklyn.

“I am so excited to be returning and continuing my program in New York City. The results I have seen since the inception of this program are tremendous and is making a difference in young lives by not only teaching them to read, but to be assertive and how to stand up to bullies. I look forward to expanding my partnership with New York City schools and the  New York City Department of Education”, stated Theo Ratliff, CEO of Theo Ratliff Foundation.

The Theo Ratliff Foundation’s anti-bullying initiative includes a curriculum, a personal visit to the school by Theo Ratliff, and the ‘Theo the Hero book for each student to read during the program. As part of the full curriculum, Theo Ratliff visits the schools at the end of the program. Ratliff meets with the students, staff, and parents to discuss his experiences as a young student, and how those experiences helped him to understand how to combat bullying.  The students have a chance to talk to Theo Ratliff, to discuss how the curriculum has impacted their view of bullying, and they are able to ask questions.  Theo Ratliff is very engaging during his time at each school.

“We are excited to work with Theo Ratliff and his Foundation, as their marketing and communications partner”, stated Kym Swain, SVP Communications for JIG Media. “Education and sports are two of the industries that we focus on, and in New York City. Like much of the national market, bullying is a serious issue. Our goal is to connect Theo’s anti-bullying initiative to the New York City neighborhoods and schools that need it the most, and we will expand from there.”

Three Brooklyn schools have already taken advantage of the opportunity, with Ratliff making appearances at each school.  The three schools that participated to date are Herman Schreiber Elementary School (PS 279), Brooklyn Gardens Elementary, and Brownsville Collaborative Middle School. Elite Learner’s Inc, a Brownsville based organization, facilitated the curriculum.  The positive response has led to the expansion of the program, and has drawn attention from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who provided Theo Ratliff with a Citation for bringing his program to Brooklyn.

Theo Ratliff at PS 279 – Camara Jackson, CEO Elite Learners Inc (far right), Principal, Lorenzo Chambers (4th from the right), Jeff Lowell from Brooklyn Boro President’s office (3rd from the right)

Theo Ratliff with students at one of the Brooklyn schools.

Schools and districts looking to bring the ‘Theo the Hero’ anti-bullying program to their schools, should contact Kym Swain at 718-285-9351 or email, for more information.

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