‘For Colored Boys’ An Important Song And Message For All Black Boys by Independent Hip Hop Artist KOTA The Friend

KOTA The Friend, a globally recognized Independent Hip-Hop artist from Brooklyn, posted an important message on his Instagram page today. KOTA highlights the need for black boys and men to come together at a time when police departments around the U.S., including right here in NYC, continue to kill black boys and men.

KOTA’s song, For Colored Boys, from his first album, FOTO speaks to black boys, men, girls and women. His lyrics are powerful and relevant for the current time.  It’s not hard to see why FOTO racked up over 100 million streams and his current album, EVERYTHING, shot to #1 on the iTunes Top 40 hip hop albums chart and has remained in the top 10.

This song is a letter to my son and all the little black boys that may not have someone to teach them these things. we gotta come together and build each other up. They don’t care about us so we have to care about each other.

KOTA lives what he preaches, as he remains 100% Independent, although he has been offered deals by all of the major record labels.  He owns his own apparel line (FLTBYS), purchased his own building and truly believes in black boys and men being independent.

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