Family Moves From A Shelter to An Apartment in East New York Thanks To FHEPS Program & Young African American Building Owner

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Here’s a program that helps families get an apartment if you have been evicted, facing eviction or if you have been placed in a shelter, for safety reasons or health issues. See the Facebook video below of a young African American building owner who just just leased an apartment in his East New York building through the FHEPS program, to someone who was formerly in a shelter.  See the program details and link below the video

What is FHEPS?
FHEPS is a rent supplement for families who receive Cash Assistance (CA) and who have been evicted or are facing eviction, or who lost their housing due to domestic violence. Families who have lost their housing because of health or safety issues or as a result of certain court decisions may also get FHEPS.

FHEPS can be used to remain in your home, to move within New York City, or to move out of shelter if you have already lost your home. If you qualify for FHEPS, part of your rent is covered by a FHEPS supplement paid directly to your landlord. The FHEPS payment is in addition to the shelter allowance you get for your CA case. If you or someone you share your apartment or house with has income, you may have to pay part of the rent yourself.

How do I know if I qualify for FHEPS?
To qualify for FHEPS your family must include a child under 18 years of age, a child under 19 years of age who is enrolled full-time in high school or a vocational or technical program, or a pregnant woman AND you must either have an active CA case OR, if you are in shelter, qualify for CA once you leave shelter. You must also meet ONE of the following requirements:
• You are in HRA shelter.
• You are in DHS shelter and eligible for HRA shelter.
• You are in a DHS shelter and were evicted* in NYC sometime in the year before you entered
• You are currently in the process of being evicted in NYC or were evicted* in NYC within the
last 12 months.

*Evicted can mean:
• An eviction proceeding against you or the person on the lease for your home.
• A foreclosure action for your building or home.
• A determination by a City agency that you must leave your building or home because of health
and/or safety reasons.

How long can I get FHEPS?
Eligible families can get FHEPS for up to five years. You can apply for an extension of FHEPS if you still need help. Your household must meet all eligibility requirements and prove that you have good cause for needing an extension.

How do I know what FHEPS is going to pay my landlord and how much I will have to pay?
The amount of a household’s FHEPS rent supplement will depend on your household’s income and the number of people in your household. The amount is decided when your FHEPS application is approved. Many families will have their entire rent covered by FHEPS and their CA shelter allowance. However, there are two important exceptions when you or a household member may be required to pay a portion of your rent:
• If someone in your household receives CA and has income, such as from a job.
• If your household includes someone who is not required to be on your CA case, such as someone who receives SSI.

You must pay your landlord the difference between what HRA pays and the amount of your rent.

These maximum rents are available for families who are using FHEPS to move to a new apartment. The maximum available rent may be lower for families who are using FHEPS to keep their apartment.

Please note that landlords are not allowed to charge any fees other than what is legally stated in the lease. You should not agree to any side deals and should immediately call HRA at 311 or 929-221-0043 to tell us about any such requests.

Click here for the full details

Landlords looking to lease apartments through FHEPS click here

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3 thoughts on “Family Moves From A Shelter to An Apartment in East New York Thanks To FHEPS Program & Young African American Building Owner

  1. Betel López Reply

    I have a CityFHEPS Voucher of $1,580.00
    Im in a shelter at
    1520 brook avenue Bronx ny 10457
    It’s one adults two kids and Im pregnant Im going to have my newborn in December
    I need help please I want to be out of the shelter already I been in the shelter for a years and 2 months going on 1 year and 3 months

  2. Cindy maldonado Reply

    Hola deceando que ya tenga tu apartamento,yo estoy en un refugio también, ya estoy en los tramites de mudarme me puedes decir tu experiencia si ya te mudaste? Cuanto Tiempo demoro el proceso?

    Hello, wishing you already have your apartment, I am in a shelter too, I am already in the process of moving, can you tell me your experience if you have already moved?

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