Eric Adams Racks Up Endorsements Across the Boroughs in New York City Mayoral Primary Race

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While Scott Stringer is losing ground in the Democratic primary race for NYC Mayor due to the sexual misconduct allegations against him, his rival, Eric Adams is gaining ground by picking up a slew of endorsements. Across the boroughs from The Bronx to Queens to Brooklyn and Staten Island, workers’ groups and elected officials are jumping on board Team Adams.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards just became the latest city heavyweight to join in the big push to get Eric Adams into City Hall. In the endorsement announcement in front of Queens Borough Hall, Richards touted Adams’ experience noting that the city is at a critical juncture and needs battle tested leadership that would not be afraid to make tough decisions. The Queens BP said that though he neither agrees with all of Adam’s policy decisions or platforms, he has watched him lead for nearly two decades.

“Eric has never shied away from being himself. He’s someone who listens, he’s a coalition builder, most importantly, he’s more than qualified to lead this city’s comeback story. Some would ask, ‘what separates Eric from the rest of the pack?’ the answer is simple. He was raised in South Jamaica and Brownsville. He’s what we call Fubu-For Us, By Us. So today, it brings me great honor from one BP to the next BP. It’s a Brooklyn-Queens thing,” Richards said.

Meanwhile, Transport Workers Union-TWU Local 100, the MTA’s largest union overwhelmingly endorsed the Borough President Eric Adams for mayor. The Local 100 executive board voted after hearing from eight leading candidates at the Union Hall in Brooklyn. “Our members and officers have known Eric for a long time. He’s stood with us in many battles and has always been there for us. He’s earned this endorsement and richly deserves it,” TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano said.

Accepting their endorsement, Adams said he was incredibly proud to have their support. “The men and women of TWU Local 100 have kept New York City moving every day and I’m ready to work alongside you as your Mayor. Welcome aboard #TeamAdams!” TWU Local 100 represents nearly 40,000 subway and bus workers.

Another big endorsement came from Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. who also threw his full support behind Adams. At a press conference at Grand Concourse in The Bronx, Diaz Jr. said he supports Adams because he knows him and his heart. “Eric Adams embodies the spirit of what we need to lead this City. Everything that the city of New York needs, every pain, every single issue that we face in the city of New York in one simple form, as the police captain, as a state Senator, as a fellow borough president, Eric Adams has been able to inform himself by living the life of a New Yorker, the right experiences have informed you and has been able to speak to the pains and issues of New Yorkers today,” said Diaz Jr.

Humbly accepting his support, Adams thanked Diaz Jr. for standing by him in this moment. Calling him a champion for Bronx and Latino New Yorkers, Adams said he’s so honored by Diaz Jr’s belief in him to get the job done for his community as Mayor.

“Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is the city’s strongest, most effective leader on behalf of the Bronx and Latino New Yorkers, and I’m honored to have his support. Ruben and I are from different boroughs, but we come from the same place, and together, we’ll fight to make this City fairer for all. And shout out to the Boogie Down Bronx — welcome to #TeamAdams!” Adams said.

Another group that has also joined the movement of Eric Adams for mayor is Rise Up New York, the Bangladeshi American community for rising up. Endorsing Adams at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights, Queens, Saason Hog, one of the co-founders of Rise Up New York said Adams has devoted his entire life serving their community in New York City.

“He’s an honest man. He’s an experienced professional and a talented leader. He’s a dynamic, energetic and intelligent leader. He’s a true New Yorker. He’s not a new friend to our community. He’s a long-standing friend to Bangladeshi American community.” Hog also said that among other things Adams will do, their community can also rely on him for safety.

“For the past year and a half, the crimes in NYC have been going up. The shootings are going up. I believe I’m a family man and all of us here are family men. We want to make sure that our families are safe. We want to make sure that our neighbors are safe. We want to make sure our friends are safe in New York City. And the person who can keep us safe in New York City, the person who can reform the criminal justice system is in fact Mr. Adams,” Hog said.

Meanwhile, over 50 Latino community leaders and many others have also thrown their support behind Adams saying, together, they’re building the most diverse coalition in New York City. They include Assemblymember Erik Dilan, Assemblymember Jose Rivera, former Bronx Borough President Freddy Ferrer and Staten Island Assembly Member Charles Fall.

In his native Queens, politicians including Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman, Clyde Vanel, Council Members Adrienne Adams, Peter Koo from Flushing, Selvena Brooks-Powers, Ydanis Rodriguez, I. Daneek Miller all lined up behind Adams.

In a press conference in Jamaica where they endorsed him, Alicia Hyndman said she knows that the Borough President from Brooklyn is the person who will make sure that everyone across the city have opportunity.

Hyndman said, “I believe that Eric will aid my District 29 constituents, businesses, schools and homeowners to find relief and their new `normal’ as our Mayor. Adams can count on District 29 – because I’m sure we can count on him.” Hyndman added, “Eric has served this state as Senator, the City in the service of public safety and the borough of Brooklyn as Borough President over the past two decades. He is never too far to reach and most importantly, a man of his word.”

Assemblyman Clyde Vanel said Eric Adams, who has roots in Jamaica, Queens, with his parents still living there, “is the right leader at the right time, to lead New York City.”

“It’s very simple. This is a very important race. This is a very important time. We’re sitting here in Jamaica, Queens. In this race for mayor, this is one person from Jamaica, Queens. He has the heart, and he has the mind to be the next mayor of NYC. He went to school here. He understands what we’re going through,” said Assemblyman Vanel.

He added that Adams’ vision, experience and his ability to bring different people of New York City together is unmatched.”

Council Member Adrienne Adams said Eric’s dedication and commitment to the people of New York has been solid for over 30 years and he knows every corner of New York and that his leadership capabilities are unquestionable, his experience undeniable.

“Eric understands public safety; He understands economic recovery; He understands public health; He understands public housing; He understands education; He understands everything in New York City and he’s going to help us solve these problems.” Council Member Peter Koo said.

Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President who was born in Brownsville and raised in Jamaica, Queens said he was humbled to receive the endorsements of a series of elected activists, and such amazing leaders of Queens, people who he respects.

“Brooklyn is home, but Queens raised me, so the support of the people of Queens means everything to me,” Adams said. When I am elected mayor of our great city, the working people of Queens will have a friend in Gracie Mansion again. We are long overdue for a blue-collar mayor — and New Yorkers need a mayor who has lived the lives of the people he will serve,” said Adams.

“No more days when inequality becomes the signature of NYC. We are going to have a mayor who has gone through a lot so he can help people who are going through a lot. I know you and most importantly, you know me. When others fled, I led. Within two years as Mayor, I’m going to turn this city around,” stated the former State Senator.

At the presser, Adams also shared his experience at 15 years old when he was beaten in the 103rd Precinct, where an unarmed Sean Bell would later be shot and killed by police.

“Every time another Black person is beaten or killed by the Police, I relive that trauma. I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I went through, so I became a police officer to reshape the system. And my experiences have shown me how deep this crisis goes, how much work we have to do — and it’s what drives me every day to keep fighting for justice’” Adams stated.

Adams also announced his “Heart of the City Plan”, a plan for outer borough revitalization. Forward toward victory for our city.

At another press conference in Rockaway Park Beach in Queens, Eric Adams also picked up the endorsements of Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato and Senator Joe Addabbo.

Amato said that in this time of COVID crisis, she wants somebody who can solve problems. “In this community, we don’t see results from City Hall. We are always at the end of everyone’s thought, that South Queens and South East Queens. We don’t get our fair share and enough is enough. I know Eric and he’s gonna listen to me. Aren’t you, Eric?”

Senator Addabbo said he proudly supports Eric Adams for our next Mayor of NYC because he personally knows Adams and that he has experience, this unique ability to work with everyone, knowing the intricacies and complexities of the NYS government and budget and all that has to do with NYC.

Dubbed “The people’s candidate” Adams said he is running a blue-collar working person campaign. “Elections after elections, decades after decades, we have witnessed the inequality. It has never improved. COVID hit the city. When we talk about having our city be happy again, no we will be happy again when we are all included in that happiness. I know this community well. I know what we need. I’m running for mayor because I see a bright future for tomorrow’” said Adams.

Meanwhile, the Working Families Party-WFP which recently threw its mighty weight behind Scott Stringer has withdrawn their endorsement. It remains to be seen what they do with it.

Latest polls show Andrew Yang leading with 22% closely followed by Eric Adams at 17% and Stringer who is battling sexual misconduct allegations, at 11%.

By Florence Mafomemeh

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