EastNewYork.com Set To Launch January 2, 2017

East New York will now have its own digital media platform to kickoff the New Year of 2017.  JIG Media has acquired the EastNewYork.com domain name and will launch the site January 2, 2017.

“With all of the real estate development and rezoning happening in East New York, no one really thought about the impact that this will have in regards to media, which is forever.” stated JIG Media CEO, Vernon Jones. “We know the importance of media to a city or neighborhood. Media can shape the image, politics and heart of a community, and it would be a shame to see others have the power to dictate the media in a community where I grew up, especially based on the fact that I am in the media industry.”

EastNewYork.com will be filled with positive news on development, home ownership, business opportunities, jobs, health and more.

There will be a pre-launch party at ArtsENY, and organization that is one of EastNewyork.com’s first community partners. The pre-launch event will be December 22, 2016, and will feature the grand opening of a new art exhibit at the ArtsENY gallery. The exhibit will feature 10 East New York artists.

The pre-launch event is a mandatory RSVP event because of the demand. Contact JIG Media at 718.285.9351 to RSVP.

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