EastNewYork.com Adds Resource Page To Its Digital Platform

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Today, the publishers of EastNewYork.com added a Resource Page to its website.  The page includes a list of health care facilities, parks, non-profit organizations, senior centers, Community Board information, a list of restaurants and more.

Until now there has not been a resource page that focuses solely on East New York.

Vernon Jones, CEO of JIG Media, which owns EastNewYork.com stated, “we will be adding similar resource pages to our other websites, but we decided to start with EastNewYork.com. We understand the importance of having a resource page for your specific neighborhood. It’s obviously great to have a website dedicated to your neighborhood, but the resource page will connect the dots for you when you’re looking for specific information about your community. The fact is information changes and becomes outdated online, but our resource page will be updated regularly to make sure the information is current. We will also depend on East New York residents to inform us when a resource is missing or if they find out that information has been changed.”

You can go to the EastNewYork.com Resource Page now. If you would like to add your non profit or some other resource that might be missing you can email news@eastnewyork.com and put “Resource” in the subject line.  Resources will be added to the page weekly.

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