‘East New York’ the New Television Series By CBS Opens to Mixed Reviews

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The premiere showing of the new CBS series, ‘East New York’ was aired this week to mixed reviews. Fusion East restaurant in East New York held a Watch Party at the restaurant and they captured some video comments from viewers, which you can watch below..

Through email to EastNewYork.com there were responses like, “why do we need another cop show?” and “if they’re gonna be real then they need to show how the 75th pct is full of bad cops”, “the show was all right by me. It’s basic cop story stuff.”

East New York was amid a revival over the past few years but the pandemic and the uptick in gun violence seems to have caused that revival to take a hit. But to be fair the entire city, and country for that matter, has taken a hit because of the pandemic and the rise of gun violence.

It will be interesting to see how future episodes of ‘East New York’ play out. Will they get into the discussion of gentrification? Will they show that there are professionals and homeowners who live in East New York, or will they focus on NYCHA and crime only?

While we do not want to promote the show, the community should at least be aware of how CBS plans to portray them to the world. This show is airing in other countries, making the messaging and narrative important for all people of color who live in communities like East New York. People who live in communities like East New York should remember that the media has never been your friend.

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