East New York Residents Invited To Submit OpEd Pieces to EastNewYork.com

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We at EastNewYork.com are inviting East New York residents the opportunity to submit OpEds (Opinion piece). We want to give the community the opportunity to talk about issues that have affected their lives in the past and currently having a negative impact on their lives.  If we can get this information out then maybe there can be a serious discussion about how problems can be addressed.

You must currently live in East New York, and have lived in East New York for at least 5 years.

We are looking for specific OpEds on the following topics:

  • Gentrification
  • Affordable Housing
  • Crime
  • Local Politics
  • NYPD
  • Health Care

Send your OpEds to info@jig.media. Put “OpEd” in the subject line of the email. There is no guarantee that your OpEd will appear on EastNewYork.com, but if your OpEd is selected then we will respond to you via email with next steps.  Our editors only edit OpEds for grammatical errors and typos.  We do not edit the substance of your content in any way.

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