East New York Part Of Cuomo’s $1.4 Billion Plan

NEW YORK CITY - DECEMBER 27 2014: slain NYPD patrolman Rafael Ramos was laid to rest in Queens with thousands of police officers from all over North America attending.

According to the NY Times, Governor Cuomo recently announced a comprehensive plan that would direct $1.4 billion to health, housing and poverty, which will include long suffering East Brooklyn and Central Brooklyn neighborhoods like East New York, Brownsville, Crown Heights and Bedford Stuvesant.

The comprehensive plan includes$700 million for capital investment for health care, 3,000 units of affordable housing, 7,600 new jobs and over 5 acres of recreation space at state funded housing developments.

The NY Times article made sure to mention that Cuomo’s plan was short on specifics, but East New York is in the discussion.

Watch the Announcement on NYC Politics

Read the full article on NY Times

2 thoughts on “East New York Part Of Cuomo’s $1.4 Billion Plan

  1. Alfreda Porter Reply

    Governor Coumo come across the highway Canarsie could use some of that money we need affordable recreation in our area. Also let’s talk about this tentative selected plan shorefront element placing a revetment in our area, all the other areas listed getting bulkhead and berm wall the property owners in Canarsie are fearful if another storm like Sandy hit our area will be flooded or is that the plan

  2. Judith Beatty Reply

    Affordable housing. It can go so much further than 3,000 units. This state has access to a lot of foreclosed and abandoned property in need of renovation. Just think the men and women in shelters who can work construction under the guidance of an official licensed NYC Forman and supervisor, would be able to work these renovations for acquiring an apartment for their family as well as building up apartments for other families. It’s a project I have worked on along time and it is workable. Judith Beatty

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