East New York Is Up Next for Gentrification Through “Progressivism”

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(photo – Bushwick Brooklyn)

OpEd by S. Wright for BrooklynBuzz.com

The issue of gentrification in Brooklyn (and other urban areas) is a complex one with multiple contributing factors. While progressives may have played a role in advocating for certain policies or initiatives that have contributed heavily to gentrification, they are not the sole reason that there is so much gentrification in Brooklyn.

Gentrification is a process of urban development where a previously working-class or low-income neighborhood is transformed into a more affluent and expensive one, often through the influx of more affluent residents and businesses. Gentrification leads to an exodus of longtime residents who can no longer afford to live in areas where they were born and raised, because the cost of housing skyrockets and forces them out.  However, gentrification can be driven by a variety of factors, including economic changes, government policies, and shifts in social attitudes.

In the case of Brooklyn, several policies have contributed to gentrification in the borough. Here are a few examples:

Zoning Policies: Zoning laws and regulations that encourage the development of upscale residential and commercial buildings have played a role in gentrifying Brooklyn. For example, in some neighborhoods, zoning laws have been changed to allow for higher-density housing, which has resulted in the construction of luxury condos and apartments that are not affordable to many longtime residents.

Tax Incentives: Tax incentives and subsidies that have been used to attract developers to certain neighborhoods have also contributed to gentrification in Brooklyn. These incentives often result in the construction of new buildings and businesses that cater to wealthier residents, while displacing lower-income residents.

Displacement of Public Housing: The demolition of public housing projects has been a major contributor to gentrification in Brooklyn. As these projects are replaced by market-rate housing, lower-income residents are often forced to leave the area, as they cannot afford the new housing options.

Real Estate Speculation: The speculative nature of the real estate market in Brooklyn has also contributed to gentrification. As property values have increased, developers and investors have rushed to buy up properties in the borough, often pushing out long-term residents and small businesses.

Transportation Infrastructure: The expansion of transportation infrastructure, such as the development of new subway lines and the extension of existing ones, has also contributed to gentrification in Brooklyn. These transportation improvements often make it easier for wealthier residents to commute to and from work in Manhattan, while making the area more attractive to developers.

It is important to note that these policies have not acted in isolation, but rather have interacted with one another to create a complex web of forces that have contributed to gentrification in Brooklyn.

While progressives may have supported many policies that have contributed to gentrification is important to recognize that gentrification is a complex issue that cannot be blamed on any one group or factor. It is important to approach gentrification with a nuanced understanding of its causes and consequences and to work towards policies that support inclusive and equitable development in urban areas.

East New York, Brooklyn, is one of the areas that is considered to be next up when it comes to massive gentrification. This is something that community members should be aware of in order as they prepare to fight against displacement caused by gentrification. When someone says they are a “progressive” you should understand what comes with progressivism.

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13 thoughts on “East New York Is Up Next for Gentrification Through “Progressivism”

  1. Nelson Almeyda Reply

    East New York is one of the neighborhoods with a long history of gangs organized crime and drugs maybe this gentrification is what we need to turn things around and bring about a more utopian style Society. At the very least a much better neighborhood.

    1. Susan Reply

      The Coalition for Community Advancement, East New York CLT, and other local organizations are working together to prevent gentrification, while promoting the jobs, investments, and affordable housing that will enable East New Yorkers to stay in their neighborhoods and not be pushed out.

  2. Esteban Contreras Reply

    The war on black people continues with full force and fury. Black mayors, black politicians, and black caucuses are useless. They are ineffective, incompetent and they are puppets. The New York City Mayor is a puppet of the real estate industry. It’s that simple!!

  3. Sarita Reply

    I’d be curious to hear more about the definition of progressivism assumed here. The progressives I know are advocating for state and city level policies to make housing a human right and prevent displacement – like cancelling the tax lien sale, establishing community land trusts, passing good cause eviction laws, and flip taxes.

  4. Jamie Holligan Reply

    Everything that was mentioned plays a major part in the matter but there are other parts that let it happen.
    Crime: the people that live here don’t want to stay because they’re afraid to even walk to the store
    Money: the politicians haven’t put the fair share of money into the areas they work for. They’ve been marketing stuff only to gain what they can for themselves such as kickbacks.
    People: the owners of already built houses or buildings are raising their rent so they can get a huge profit. Now they’re renting rooms instead of an apartment.
    These new buildings are not bringing new people with huge pockets to the area. They’re bringing new people that’s in the same predicament as the old ones the new people are more willing to settle instead of fighting for a decent living. These new people been working here and lived elsewhere. Now they’re looking to save on commute but at the same type spend more just to be closer to there job. Now they live in an overpriced room instead of a decent priced apartment.
    Makes no sense.

  5. jezzy Reply

    Housing is just getting out of reach for everyone. Ppl/developers are looking to cheaper areas which happen to be poorer/less safe neighborhoods. Fix zoning so there is just more affordable housing all nabes and we will find a better equilibrium. Less affluent people don’t deserve to live in poor/less safe neighborhoods either. Those communities needs to come together with govt and police to improve their lot.

  6. June Wiltshire Reply

    So there should be no mystery about the neighborhood schools low enrollment issues. As some of the project apartments are now being privatized families are pushed to find affordable housing elsewhere (like on planet Pluto) We see your point. Forcing people of color out of the state. The biggest scam ever are the affordable housing lottery. Who are the recipients of those apartments?? My working adult children. Are on a waiting list for 5 years now. Or they don’t qualify .I’m a nyc educator who recently had no choice but to relocate to New Jersey to afford housing for me and my family. The daily commute and cost is sick . SMH

  7. Henry Hill Reply

    ENY will never become gentrified. Too many housing projects filled with angry stupid PoC in ENY. The housing stock stinks, still a lot of old frame houses. Way back when the Italians and Jews lived in ENY it was a nice safe working-class area.

  8. Lawrence Lambert Reply

    While the article mentions ‘progressives’ a number of times, and makes vague suggestions that they are collectively plotting to gentrify East New York, it never actually presents any causel evidence that this is so. Nor does the article even define ‘progressive’.

    Why is this a ‘progressive’ issue? And is ‘progressive’ being used as a dog whistle appeal to something else – perhaps something political? Typically progressives advocate for the very things that protect affordable communities.

    In fact, while the article lists the varied reasons gentrification may happen, the article makes no specific argument which, if any, are happening or whether some of them are, in fact, needed or desirable (I’m not sure of anyone who would argue against better public transit, for instance).

    1. eastnewyorknews Post author Reply

      This article is an OpEd. The point seems to be that whenever progressives target a community with their policies then that community becomes gentrified. That is a fact. The problem seems to be that progressives (including political progressives) do not have a plan on how to keep rents affordable for hard working residents who have been living in the community for years. That is another fact. ie: Bed Stuy, ie: Harlem, ie: Crown Heights. You can feel free to submit your own OpEd to make your points. Send your OpEd to news@eastnewyork.com for consideration

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