East New York & Brownsville Housing Development Conference Saturday June 8th at New Lots Library

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While New York City is seeing skyrocketing rents and home prices, there are still a handful of neighborhoods that are trying to hold onto rents that are somewhat affordable. East New York and Brownsville are two of those neighborhoods that are trying to keep rents affordable, while in the early stages of gentrification.

Albert Scott, Chair of the East New York Homeowners Association, is hosting the 2019 Brownsville & East New York Housing Development & Housing Legislative Conference, Saturday June 8, 2019, to discuss re-zoning, HPD 3rd party transfers, rent control, basement legalization, and other topics that will impact East New York and Brownsville for years to come.

If you live in, or are looking to live in, Brownsville or East New York, then this is an event you should attend. Do not wait until it is too late and you are forced to move out of Brooklyn, before you start asking questions. This is your time to ask questions. If you are not yet aware, Brooklyn is one of the most popular cities in the world. Yes, you heard that right.  Many times Brooklynites take this fact for granted, but people from every part of the world are visiting and moving to Brooklyn. They are mostly in Park Slope, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy, Williamsburg, Red Hook and Crown Heights today, but they will be eventually coming to East New York and Brownsville. Laugh if you want to, but this is a fact.

See the flyer below for the event details.

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