Development in ENY Continues With Hundreds of Apartments on Linden Blvd

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The development craze continues in East New York .

A developer is looking to build a mixed commercial and residential building in the neighborhood with hundreds of new apartments, including some that will rent for below market rate, according to permits filed with the city.

Radson Development, a firm based on Long Island, filed plans Friday for 2858 Linden Boulevard between Emerald and Amber streets, which will include 235 apartments and more than 17,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space, records show.

The building will come equipped with bike storage, a second-floor terrace and playground, three recreation rooms, an eighth-floor terrace and green roof, and a parking area with 36 spots, according to the permit application filed with the Department of Buildings.

The project, which will rise on what is currently a vacant lot several blocks away from the Queens border, will include affordable units under the city’s inclusionary housing policy, according to public records. Details about the number of below-market units and what income bracket they will be geared toward were not immediately available.

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21 thoughts on “Development in ENY Continues With Hundreds of Apartments on Linden Blvd

  1. Cathleen Freemantle Reply

    Below market for who when the income bracket is set too high you still need at least two to three families to pay the rent and utilities. What is affordable to who seems to me it not for those who live in the community and how is these guide lines is set again. AFFORDABLE FOR WHO

  2. Marie Irick Reply

    I am very much interested. I reside in East New York & am retired from the Police Department & I would love to be a tenant. Thanking you in advance!

  3. Willy Legagneur Reply

    Understanding how these guidelines for affordable housing are set require being in on planning. . Since to many of us don’t value the vote, therefore they don’t attend these meetings either. You cannot change things being uninformed. .

  4. Chineeka Dickerson Reply

    I look forward to some more affordable housing in the area. I currently reside a few blocks from the location with my family and work for the city and I’m looking to branch out and would love to stay in the area. Hopefully my income will be included in those guidelines. Thanks. So looking forward to this project

  5. Chineeka Dickerson Reply

    I currently live a few blocks from that location and would love to see and apply for the development. I reside with family and work for the city and I’m looking to branch out but stay in the area

  6. Norma Cirino Reply

    It’s Not being build for US!! Long Island developers building in our community…its sad what we have let happen to our community. POOR LEADERSHIP!!

  7. Kiwi Marshall Reply

    Wow. I’m anticipating this space with apartments. It has been vacant for over 15 years. The income ranges can be unreasonable at times with affordable apartments. I’m single and although I’m not against sharing space. It doesn’t make sense for 3 people to live in a two bedroom apartment? I know I’m not alone. Our district people could have got together and purchased all the lots. That’s a shame that Long Island will represent this space.


    I am interested in these new developments,, have lived in this area for 46.years, and would like an apartment in one of your buildings. I do love the area, and would like the change in a new and upcoming living situation.

  9. Gilbert Perales Reply

    Hi there i am happy about what is going on in e.n.y n i hope i could be able to be part of the great things n work that is being done. Please contact me,i,am 67 years n been here since 1959 came from P.P keep up the good work you are doing.

  10. C. Larkins Reply

    I have been a long time resident of ENY over 45 years. I’ve seen the multiple transitions that the neighoirhood has undergone., As a Licensed Healthcare Professional, I am interested in remaining in my community, however there seems to be either none, or very limited Real Estate available for the Middle Class. It would be advantageous if Developers, included some market rate, housing for the “Middle Class” who live here, and haved remained committed to the community, and don’t want to be forced into a different community due to unavailability of housing, designed for our needs.

  11. Natasha E. Reply

    I’ve been in East New York for 45+ years. I don’t want to move out the area. Everything is convenient for me out here. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get into one of these apartments.

  12. Marie I Reply

    I’ve been applying for 3 plus years…still no reply
    Retired from last job, 30 years…appreciate if u will assist. Thank u

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