Construction On 100 Unit East New York Affordable Housing Development Halted

The Linwood Park Apartments at 315 Linwood Street in East New York, which is scheduled to produce 100 brand new units of affordable housing for low income residents, has been halted by the developers due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although construction on affordable housing has been deemed essential work by the state and city, the developers have the authority to decide whether or not to continue construction on their specific developments due to safety concerns.

The 100-unit Linwood Apartments, which was nearing completion before the pandemic, will house 30 formerly homeless New Yorkers as well as 70 low-income households.

According to the New York Post, L+M Development Partners CEO Ron Moelis stated “I felt that in this environment it was better to err on the side of caution,”  L+M decided two weeks ago to halt its company’s construction projects.

There is no timetable for when the development project will restart.

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One thought on “Construction On 100 Unit East New York Affordable Housing Development Halted

  1. Norma D Reply

    My cousin found a way to get the job done. Plumbing went in and did their part, eleectric,platering, flooring, pI t, etc. For interior. If were speaking out doors, distancing,gloves , face mask, then I see know problems. As long as the blue prints are on everyone’s iPads, all can accommodate. Their jobs are in jeapordy..

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